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having the legs uncovered by clothing

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Another photo showed him barelegged on the edge of the pool at Warm Springs, Georgia, where, he explained, "swimming in tepid water" gave him buoyancy and somewhat improved the feeling in his legs.
The media singled out the exotic stylishness of America Iglesias, the "pretty" daughter of the resident commissioner of Puerto Rico, "who came barelegged, in a white cotton frock" and jacket that she wore "with as much verve and style as if it were one of the more fashionable silk outfits.
Is this boob tube and mini skirt with orange fake tan and barelegged slouchboots appropriate for my granny's funeral?
The flashpoint was a marathon race in which women were running barelegged, something deemed un-Islamic.
And 40 per cent of women revealed that they would not go out in public barelegged and tanless.
This surprised me, because Hawkins dancers are most ofTen raptly terrestrial: they dance barefooted and barelegged, with little literal soaring and few leaps or bounds.
The Street followed the paralytic victims of high street fashion and two-for-one-shots, a staggering army of barelegged girls and boys in their beerjackets - ie no jacket at all, ever, whatever the weather, ya rocket.
Suddenly I am looking at a photograph of a man barelegged, barechested, the beachcomber type, hands on hips in front of a cave.
But Jock was first to the summit and first back down, despite wearing the kilt and being barelegged.
The plan now is for the princess to be "quite by chance" photographed barelegged.