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Synonyms for bareheaded

having the head uncovered


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But it was just like Ellen, he felt, to have rushed in bareheaded, carrying the boy in her arms, and to have dazzled poor Mrs.
I shouted, when I thought it was meet to arouse Maud; but this time I shouted in merriment as I danced about the beach, bareheaded, in mock despair.
The sunlight lingered on the purple crests, and we could see him leading the way to his stockade, a burly bareheaded figure walking far in advance of a straggling cortege, and swinging regularly an ebony staff taller than himself.
Rabbinic law forbids the recitation of blessings or prayers in the presence of a bareheaded married woman since uncovering the woman's hair is considered 'nudity.
In Tehran, however, there were numerous instances of women stranding on posts from which they could easily be seen bareheaded and waving their headscarves on the end of a stick in protest against the dress code.
Richards reported they had sailed bareheaded (mainsail only) for some time while the remnants of the damaged sail were recovered and a new sail set.
In a series of photos the visiting drummer is first seen bareheaded after her hijab fell off, before a woman in black appears on stage to return the garment, stopping the musician in her tracks.
The first of the three illustrations depicts two bearded, bareheaded icon painters under a canopy, which denotes their workshop (Fig.
During a series of turns, it flew off, and she danced the rest of the scene alongside her snowflake sisters as the single, conspicuously bareheaded flake -- a mortifying rookie mistake.
More women wear full face veils, and no women go about Hargeisa bareheaded as happened in the 1970s.
As quoted by William Dalrymple and Anita Anand in the book Kohinoor, finally the Nizam of Hyderabad, Asif Jah I, met Nader - bareheaded, with his hands tied with his turban, and begged him on his knees to stop the killings.
When Ryan and Frank reached the top of the hill, Laney was standing near Shig and Ashley, all three of them bareheaded.
It seems only yesterday that Trump was excoriating Obama for failing to use the phrase "radical Islamic extremism," for bowing before Saudi royalty and for being accompanied by a bareheaded spouse.
2) The other is bareheaded, his cropped hair marking him as a modern young man.
In the dramatic scene of al-Mutawakkil's pilgrimage where his guards spot a bareheaded man circumambulating the House, cursing al-Mutawakkil, the dialogue is translated in terse, running prose.