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Weismann tried to stop them barehanded and was stabbed to death.
Harper led off the fourth inning Wednesday with a slow roller that second baseman Mark Ellis barehanded and flipped to first.
Catfish noodling, which is as horrifying as it sounds, is a method of catching the bottom-feeding fish barehanded.
Survivors dug at the earth barehanded, but all they found were bodies.
If the rat catcher's aim or courage fails, the rat may scurry into a hole or drain pipe, forcing the man to reach in, barehanded, and extract it by the tail.
Siddique-al-Farooq said that the issue of Kashmir would long have been resolved, but for the untimely Kargil adventure Thanking God Almighty for the fact that struggle for self determination of Kashmir was heading strongly towards its logical course, despite barehanded Kashmiri youth, he also thanked God Almighty that this imprudent and uncouth statement of Musharraf had failed to damage the Kashmiri movement.
With one out and the bases loaded in the 10th inning, Baron hit a soft chopper down the third-base line to Gyorko, who couldn't pull off a barehanded snag as Everett's Kevin Rivers scored to seal a 4-3 win in Northwest League baseball Monday evening.
For what real warriors, in the era of firearms and long-range combat, would follow the Shaolin monks' preference, by Qing times, for barehanded fighting--except the Boxers [1898-1900]?
59 in '84: Old Hoss Radbourn, Barehanded Baseball, and the Greatest Season a Pitcher Ever Had by Edward Achorn Smithsonian Books (2010) $25.
Fifty-Nine in '84: Old Hoss Radbourn, Barehanded Baseball and the Greatest Season a Pitcher Ever Had comes from a Pulitzer Prize finalist and tells of pitcher Charles Radbourn's 1884 season, when he set a record that would never be broken.
Then, in a single motion, Furcal barehanded it out of the air and fired it to first.
The haul varies annually in a process proverbially likened to trying to catch fish barehanded, but that summer fetched a mother lode of future major leaguers.
Made of tough G-10 composite in a variety of colors, these rugged grips offer purchase whether shooting gloved, barehanded or soaking wet--along with giving the operator just a bit of individuality.
Cable TV footage showed Robert, dubbed ''Spiderman'' as he used to don the red and blue suit of the cartoon figure, skillfully climb the 60-story building barehanded but without Spiderman's outfit this time.
A Europe whose commitment to high objectives to reduce its emissions allow it to "not present itself barehanded faced with the other countries and to be firm in negotiations, in particular faced with the USA".