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Synonyms for barefoot

without shoes

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without shoes on


References in classic literature ?
The road passed through the town, where men seemed to be beating brass and crying "Water," where the passage was blocked by mules and cleared by whips and curses, where the women walked barefoot, their heads balancing baskets, and cripples hastily displayed mutilated members; it issued among steep green fields, not so green but that the earth showed through.
He was beginning to feel a keen interest in the slender, barefoot donkey-girl who slipped in and out of the play, singing, like some one winding through a hilly field.
People no longer trudged along barefoot, wearing a pilgrim's garb.
There's an old proverb to the effect that shoemakers' wives go barefoot and doctors' wives die young.
And when they are housed, they will work, in summer, commonly, stripped and barefoot, but in winter substantially clothed and shod.
I watched him build the fire and set about cooking food for himself; then I stole into the cabin for my marmalade and underclothes, slipped back past the galley, and climbed down to the beach to deliver my barefoot report.
I picked up both that and his brogues, wished him a good morning, and set off upon my way, leaving him barefoot and disarmed.
But we had not a lira between us at the time, and only the rags in which we sat barefoot in the boat.
It could not be Faustina, who went barefoot three seasons of the four, and yet there was Faustina waiting for me down below.
I was born in Carbondale, Illinois, but that doesn't matter--I'm an English countess, doing barefoot dancing to work off the mortgage on the ancestral castle, and they eat me.
But the turnpike-man gave him a meal of bread and cheese; and the old lady, who had a shipwrecked grandson wandering barefoot in some distant part of the earth, took pity upon the poor orphan, and gave him what little she could afford--and more--with such kind and gently words, and such tears of sympathy and compassion, that they sank deeper into Oliver's soul, than all the sufferings he had ever undergone.
Take care that the day don't come when you walk barefoot in the streets, and she rides by in a gay carriage of her own.
Earlier studies suggested that people running barefoot land on the front or middle of the foot first, before lowering the heel and transitioning body weight to the back of the foot.
Last week it emerged that customers at a Tesco store in Cardiff had been banned from shopping barefoot or in their pyjamas.
In December, a study called The effect of running shoes on lower extremity joint torques reported that linear forces up through the knee were greater in shod runners than barefoot ones.