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without shame

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Russian military activities around Aleppo in February 2016 are similar to the tactics that have been used by Russia in February 2015 in the Ukrainian city of Debaltseve: Kremlin is signing the cease-fire agreements and immediately violates it barefacedly.
It becomes too painful and unbearable when one's own friend deceives barefacedly using mischievous tricks.
Any play related to the Arab Spring might easily have piqued curiosities this year, but this play--presented in many cities under the truncated title Amnesia--is not only barefacedly political but, as it turns out, prophetic.
The lack of any rule of law," he explained, "encourages such tribes to go too far and barefacedly blackmail the company.
America's poor have always carried the burden of wars undertaken by America's rich, who barefacedly scurry for the spoils while soldiers give up their lives, or are otherwise left with medals and untold physical and psychological scars.