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Synonyms for barefaced

characterized by or done without shame

Synonyms for barefaced

with no effort to conceal


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unrestrained by convention or propriety

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In White Lies and Barefaced Truths Cat is dared to talk to Ollie, Lia's gorgeous brother, on behalf of Becca, who is too shy to talk to him herself and has a secret crush on Ollie.
The closing ballet was the hilarious Gala Performance (1938, to Prokofiev), Tudor's send-up of the egotism and barefaced exhibitionism of ballerinas.
InterMune tells barefaced lies about 'trials' of pirfenidone it says it is conducting.
To convey the idea that the RH law leads to death is a barefaced lie and has no basis in word or fact.
The doctors, or politicians with a reputation for telling barefaced lies.
Unfortunately, it looks like Drumm thought the US courts were like our tribunals where barefaced lies are told as a matter of course without consequence.
The blockaded Gaza Strip has frequently been subjected to Israeli machine-gunfire and limited incursions in what observers branded a barefaced violation of the Cairo-brokered truce deal struck in the wake of summer 2014 Israeli aggression on the besieged coastal enclave.
denials, halftruths and barefaced lies is the party line which must be obeyed.
you humans aren't all Saints At least we've never fired a gun to kill poor birds and beasts for fun A nasty trick of yours I'll mention, is to mug old folk just for their pension And think about the wars you've started with millions of souls now long departed Don't tell me some don't booze and rob, tell barefaced lies with a smiling gob And who locks creatures in a cage?
Dave Pickup What really is worrying is the barefaced lies our politicians are prepared to tell us simply so they can start another war.
Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi said in an interview published on the Kremlin-funded Russia Today's website, that the statements by the US secretary of state and British government are inconsistent with reality and a barefaced lie, reports News24.
BAREFACED BEAUTY: Model Heidi Klum has ditched the slap for Children in Need's new campaign, and she looks all the more wonderful for it.
This act adds up to the series of Israeli violations against Lebanon and its sovereignty," said Mansour, deeming today's Israeli aggression as a barefaced breech to International Security resolution 1701.
When Alex Polizzi arrives to cast her expert eye over the establishment, she's horrified that Tim expects everybody to remain naked throughout their stay - and feels he has barefaced cheek when he orders her to strip off too
I HAVE been in politics a long time, but even I was knocked back by the barefaced cheek of the Canton Labour councillors' letter to the Echo ("Where was the consultation?