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Synonyms for barefaced

characterized by or done without shame

Synonyms for barefaced

with no effort to conceal


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unrestrained by convention or propriety

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Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi said in an interview published on the Kremlin-funded Russia Today's website, that the statements by the US secretary of state and British government are inconsistent with reality and a barefaced lie, reports News24.
Damascus: Syria dismissed as a "barefaced lie" on Saturday American and British claims it may have used chemical arms, as staunch ally Russia warned against using such fears to intervene militarily in the strife-torn country.
"In a rather barefaced manner, Tehran seeks to occupy our homeland," he claimed.
"The devil is great artist, and every time it comes, in a new, interesting and thrilling visage" it is all false, idleness, deception and barefaced lies.
I HAVE been in politics a long time, but even I was knocked back by the barefaced cheek of the Canton Labour councillors' letter to the Echo ("Where was the consultation?" You Say, February 21).
And, regarding Syria, just because media outlets may have an editorial slant and present partial truths, misleading information or barefaced lies does not mean we should believe nothing or anything.
EXPERT Tara Canney shares the barefaced facts about semi-permanent make-up.
They were personally pledged to Prince William, the heir to the throne.A senior England 2018 source said: "Amid all the subsequent fall-out, our biggest issue was the personal guarantee of votes to Prince William (below)."If you can tell barefaced lies to the future king of England, what does that say about the moral fabric of those FIFA executive members?"They are beyond contempt.
Tapui, who knew she should have left the UK in February, 2005, told a series of "barefaced lies".
Then our leaders have the barefaced audacity to pass on the AU chairmanship to the Republic of Congo's president.
At last year's session, Matt Barrett, then chief executive of Barclays, was accused by a committee member of 'barefaced cynicism' when he said he did not borrow on credit cards because they were too expensive.
There is no clear indication on the books as in order within the series, but it would help for readers to read White Lies and Barefaced Truths first as the characters are introduced more clearly in that story.
Once upon a time, young people were thrust into life barefaced, with no tutors, essay writers, or scores to act as buffers between them and the world.
But in Africa it is a barefaced and relentless killer, wiping out an entire generation of that continent's professional class and taking the best efforts to reduce infant mortality and increase life expectancy of the last 50 years and reversing them to zero in a single decade.
"Some United States Middle Eastern experts," says Business Week, plainly indicating its own agreement, "feel that the only policy that would have a chance of success now would be a barefaced return to old-fashioned gunboa t imperialism--sugarcoated with a lot of economic assistance." It seems that people all over the world may soon get another very instructive the "free world" makes nations "free."