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Synonyms for barefaced

characterized by or done without shame

Synonyms for barefaced

with no effort to conceal


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unrestrained by convention or propriety

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Our hope is that through Barefaced & Beautiful, Without & Within, we will continue to promote the realization that real beauty and self-esteem truly begin from within.
VILE thug Adam Swellings - ringleader of a gang who kicked dad Garry Newlove to death - has launched a barefaced appeal against his murder conviction and sentence.
Then our leaders have the barefaced audacity to pass on the AU chairmanship to the Republic of Congo's president.
There is no clear indication on the books as in order within the series, but it would help for readers to read White Lies and Barefaced Truths first as the characters are introduced more clearly in that story.
Once upon a time, young people were thrust into life barefaced, with no tutors, essay writers, or scores to act as buffers between them and the world.
There was so much to monitor: their nutrition, their manners, the state of both their clothing and their souls ("You're not wearing that to church"; "Now, that's a barefaced lie").
But in Africa it is a barefaced and relentless killer, wiping out an entire generation of that continent's professional class and taking the best efforts to reduce infant mortality and increase life expectancy of the last 50 years and reversing them to zero in a single decade.
The closing ballet was the hilarious Gala Performance (1938, to Prokofiev), Tudor's send-up of the egotism and barefaced exhibitionism of ballerinas.
InterMune tells barefaced lies about 'trials' of pirfenidone it says it is conducting.
The blockaded Gaza Strip has frequently been subjected to Israeli machine-gunfire and limited incursions in what observers branded a barefaced violation of the Cairo-brokered truce deal struck in the wake of summer 2014 Israeli aggression on the besieged coastal enclave.
Hendricks also told InStyle magazine she never goes out barefaced.
you humans aren't all Saints At least we've never fired a gun to kill poor birds and beasts for fun A nasty trick of yours I'll mention, is to mug old folk just for their pension And think about the wars you've started with millions of souls now long departed Don't tell me some don't booze and rob, tell barefaced lies with a smiling gob And who locks creatures in a cage?
The brave celebs are backing the BareFaced campaign for the BBC Children in Need fundraiser.
Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi said in an interview published on the Kremlin-funded Russia Today's website, that the statements by the US secretary of state and British government are inconsistent with reality and a barefaced lie, reports News24.
BAREFACED BEAUTY: Model Heidi Klum has ditched the slap for Children in Need's new campaign, and she looks all the more wonderful for it.