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having the head uncovered


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Interestingly, bared limbs were not necessarily as virtuous as bared breasts; over the centuries, the body has been sexualized and desexualized in many different ways.
Montreal -- Exposing oneself is in--from bare naked Canadian female rugby players (Toronto Star, May 21, 2004) to porn stars on the Internet, from young women on the street with midriffs bared to--roller coaster riders?
Shelby Lynne, later honored as best New Artist, bared her navel and more in a shimmering Bob Mackie powder blue outfit with a collared halter top featuring a plunging neckline, skirt with a high slit and midcalf stiletto boots.
OTC: CLTH), an early-stage provider of technology to convert municipal solid waste (MSW) into sustainable biomass for renewable energy and bio-based chemical production, has appointed Jose (Joe) Bared, Sr.
Bared has over 40 years of experience having served as the President, Chairman, and/or Director of a number of public and private companies including oil refineries and waste to energy facilities.