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boating by chartering a bareboat and providing your own crew and provisions

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It's hard to imagine bareboating as a viable option for such hostile and remote environments so it's a good idea to consider the high-end luxury superyachts 37South have on their website: Big Fish, Hanse Explorer and SuRi.
All are available for bareboating and include the option of a skipper and hostess if you want less work and more relaxation.
As well as the fleet sailing experience, charter sailing operators also offer bareboating where people can charter their own yacht and sail it themselves.
If it's bareboating you have in mind, one must usually be able to demonstrate boat handling skills especially in operating the boat under power, docking, and anchoring.
With bareboating, you skipper yourself on your own private yacht charter and explore the magic at the Whitsundays at your leisure.