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Synonyms for bareback

riding without a saddle


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without a saddle


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Transgressive Masculinities in Barebacking Practices
Although barebacking is a highly personal and intense activity, the research team's professional experience in sexual health clinics combined with in-depth knowledge of up-to-date research and theoretical sensitivity allowed for a sound and critical appraisal of the data collected.
The book begins with an excellent epidemiological overview and a thought-provoking exploration of the meaning of barebacking as a behavior and as an identity for gay men.
Originally, barebacking only referred to men who intentionally engaged in UAI, distinct from men who had UAI that occurred from poor planning or accidents (Gauthier & Forsyth, 1999).
The connection between drug use, particularly crystal meth, and barebacking has been clearly demonstrated.
Also driving the increase in barebacking is the peculiarly amoral nature of the dominant gay culture, which springs from a well-articulated ideology that views unfettered sex as the defining feature of gay identity.
E o caso, por exemplo, quando homens que se relacionam afetivo-sexualmente com outros homens passam a caracterizar o barebacking como qualquer sexo anal desprotegido, independentemente do tipo de parceria (se fixo ou ocasional) ou, mesmo, da intencionalidade do ato (Silva, 2008; Huebner, Proescholdbell, Nemeroff, 2006; Shernoff, 2005).
Maybe barebacking has come here-Helsinki is three years behind London.
Bay area psychologist Steve Morin has observed that definitions and perceptions of barebacking have evolved as the practice has grown: "Whereas the term originally was used to describe engaging in premeditated, consciously chosen unprotected anal sex, it has now been incorporated into colloquial discussions to describe the unintentional, unprotected 'slip-ups' that occur.
These unprotected behaviors, and the recent emergence of the phenomenon of barebacking, or intentional unprotected anal sexual acts (Halkitis & Parsons, 2003; Halkitis, Parsons, & Wilton, 2003; Mansergh et al.
Your report on the for-profit barebacking parties is a call to reflect on the values of our gay community.
Hindsight: "Those in AIDS prevention can get sidetracked into a fury over barebacking even though they know that most men aren't barebackers making a conscious choice but get blindsided by desire into doing something in the moment," said Sex Panic
Similar barebacking action is happening at private sex parties around the country all the time--a quick search on CraigsList yields dozens of listings at any given moment--but this sex party is different.
While barebacking between men scares me, Shernoff sheds some very cogent light on the issues surrounding sexuality and sexual practice.
Many people believe that barebacking is confined to young gay men who didn't witness the worst of the epidemic.