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Well, sad day for us, Lebanese songstress Diana Haddad has crushed all such wishes, hopes, and dreams of our being equally as fabulous as the stars this week by boldly posting a bare-faced pic, revealing that even without gobs of makeup caked on, she's still stinkin' gorgeous.
THEY say that politicians will claim anything when there is an imminent election but the bare-faced cheek and hypocrisy in the Journal (Would-be MP red-faced over yellow line parking, March 10) beggared belief.
It's hard to tell how much of this is bare-faced cynical lying and how much is ignorance.
It's bare-faced selfie season again - they are easy for me because I don't wear make-up.
30pm BBC1) THREE things you don't expect to see in EastEnders: Linda and Sharon, right, without a full face of slap after their bender the other night (we haven't see Sharon this bare-faced since she was in mourning for Dennis) and Cora Cross with a hairdo that went out of fashion around VE Day performing Happy Birthday in the vampish style of Marilyn Monroe.
The pop star, who is set to bring her artRave: The Artpop Ball tour to the city, posted a bare-faced photo of herself to Instagram in the early hours of Monday.
The 'Drunk in Love' singer posted a bare-faced selfie on her Instagram account confirming her absence, the Mirror reported.
Facebook and Twitter have seen thousands of women posting bare-faced photos in aid of cancer research and urging their friends donate PS3 to Cancer Research UK.
The trend, where women post a bare-faced selfie, is not a campaign by any cancer charity yet it has taken social media by storm this week.
Kimberley's bare-faced beauty is on show in a series of never seen before photographs and behind the scenes film.
Personal liberty campaigners are predictably branding the ruling bare-faced cheek.
SOMETIMES you've got to admire the bare-faced cheek of those who are able to vaporise, as opposed to minimise, their problems.
After 12 months in office the list of broken promises and bare-faced lies of David Cameron and Nick Clegg grows daily.
For many a make-up junkie, the thought of going bare-faced is akin to walking to the shops naked.
MANAMA: The bare-faced cheek of Bahraini opposition activist Dr Saeed Shehabi backfired on him yesterday.