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Synonyms for bare-breasted

having the breasts uncovered or featuring such nudity

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The Bild daily proclaimed that Friday's bare-breasted front-page blonde would be the last of more than 5,000 women who have appeared since 1984.
I was brought up in India where the niqab, hijab, chador and burka happily coexist with bare-breasted, headshaven high-caste widows, sexy sari-exposed midriffs, topless tribal women, naked holy men and pacifist Jain women who cover their faces so as not to inadvertently kill an insect by swallowing it.
He said there was shore leave but when ashore he had seen all the women were bare-breasted. He said this would distract his crew, and the mate was sent ashore with cases of T-shirts, these were given out to all the native women to be worn at all times.
Along with the others, he also chanted war songs, and soon after the ''war'' he proceeded into a complex of circular thatched huts, where bare-breasted women with grass or fiber skirts chanted other traditional songs, ready to join their men to start a traditional pig festival.
22 after being found guilty yesterday of sexually assaulting two Shrewsbury girls, ages 11 and 13, and showing the younger girl a magazine containing photographs of bare-breasted women.
PLANS to use a picture of a bare-breasted nun to publicise a hotel converted from a convent have angered councillors.
At its launch, bare-breasted women invited guests to eat from bowls of offal, supposedly the dead goat's still-steaming entrails.
Two other labels--Les Sans Culottes, depicting Delacroix's painting Liberty Leading the People and Rose de Gambrinus, featuring a painting of the king of Flanders sitting with a bare-breasted woman--were denied licensing.
Imagine awakening in a huge feather bed in your palazzo and looking up to see the bare-breasted Aurora being swept aloft by her coterie of four winged putti, all struggling to keep her swaddled in the drapery fluttering about her.
I was reminded of this row this week when two women flashed their breasts in protest at Prince Charles on walkabout in New Zealand after he met bare-breasted Aboriginal dancers in Alice Springs.
They were bundled away by police and security officers and shouted they were demonstrating over unsubstantiated claims that the Prince was offended by the bare-breasted Aboriginal dancers he saw in Alice Springs last week.
Even soprano Eva Mei, in the title role, appears bare-breasted while singing the tender "L'amour est une vertu rare." And during the famous "Meditation" for violin and orchestra, a semi-nude dancer appears as Thais's doppelganger for a somewhat campy, quasi-gymnastic routine on a stylized crucifix.
The film's weird-sex clips run the gamut from a bare-breasted teenage girl biting off an old man's toenail in Jean-Claude's Lauzon's Leolo to a supremely odd moment when a naked Molly Parker mounts a dead man in Kissed.
22, 2002) recently observed, "designers routinely send bare-breasted models onto runways ..., it is hard to conceive of making headlines with a pair of pockets." Yet that is what happened to Elisabetta Bianchetti, a designer for an Italian supplier of ecclesiastical clothing.