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Tommy Lee goes wild with the remote control, clicking through a TV dial fall of stripped-down folks, from nude golfers to skinny dipping jet skiers and bare-assed motorcyclists.
When angered, he could bang his shoe at the United Nations and threaten to push Russia's abstract artists bare-assed into clumps of nettles.
I have it away with a couple of blokes - but they're bare-assed too, for equality.
Sometimes I wear your garments and exulting bare-assed ply her ears with suggestions, clap him on his shoulder or go about your business with all seriousness and socks that almost match.
In another body of work--an early group of photographs made in 1975 while Kippenberger was still a student--he stands on a pedestal assuming a range of statuesque poses, from Adonis to bare-assed buffoon.