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the idolization of William Shakespeare

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So when you Came up with sundry items from the store Of odd Shakespeareana--all those tales Retrieved from centuries of scholar-lore Or followed back along the mazy trails Of critics' lives and times--it was to show Bardolators what craziness prevails When zealous champions of the status quo In Shakespeare studies, such as (let's recall) J.
a view that Romantic bardolators, in erecting firm divisions between
A second theory is also dismissed: "Other Bardolators have suggested that Shakespeare had hoarded more than enough money for his Stratford retirement and simply wearied of writing for the theater.
Oliphant's Annual Lecture in 1914 on 'The Place of Shakespeare in Elizabethan Drama--Primus inter Pares,' attacked the excesses of bardolators, and urged the Society to pay attention to Shakespeare's contemporaries.
In "Shakespeare's Surrogates," the second chapter, Schoch examines how these performances "theorized their relationship to so-called 'legitimate' Shakespearean culture" by claiming to rescue Shakespeare from "self-righteous Bardolators, pedantic literary critics, mediocre performers, and sensationalizing actor-managers" (28).
There can be no Shakespeare, especially not the idol created by bardolators. But we do not need a reductive monotheism to tell us that people can be foolish and misguided.