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found along western Atlantic coast

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In order to develop a synthesis of the prior literature, the reviewed publications were categorized pursuant to a framework proposed by Barbu [2006], and then further classified according to whether the change involved a change in accounting institutions, a change in accounting systems (i.
It is not at all surprising that the imaginary "drama of ideas," by which Ion Barbu articulates his vision, borrows from the Poesque tale, whose hero is Roderick Usher, the main "stage," a significant part of its "characters" and "actions," but also some of its deeper motivations.
La fuerza de este cine se apoya en detalles concretos; basta ver la manera de hurgar en los cajones en el departamento de Barbu, o de enterarse de los detalles mas intimos en la vida sexual con su pareja, para entender como esta madre succiona el alma del hijo.
La madre, ademas, no acepta a la novia de Barbu, a quien cree causante de todos sus males, y a traves de la empleada intenta conseguir algo de informacion sobre la vida que llevan.
On the other hand, Daniel Barbu believes that there are two reasons why the Romanian legislature opted in 1990 for a proportional representation electoral system: the interwar tradition and the belief that such a system, as opposed to the majoritarian one, better represent the Romanian society (Barbu, 1999: 172).
Ion Barbu e um poeta do entreguerras, representativo de um estilo literario original, o hermetismo--tal qual Blaga e o representante maior do expressionismo, V.
The 60-something Cornelia is plucked from the audience and informed that her son Barbu is in police custody, having killed a 14-year-old boy in a car accident.
Le gouvernement egyptien recherche un homme sans experiences, barbu de preference, ayant du sang sur les mains, adepte de la violence, pour un poste de gouverneur de la ville touristique de Louxor.
Located in the capital's Barbu Vacarescu area, Floreasca Park will have a total leasable area of 38,000 sqm and is scheduled to be delivered this November.
Marius Barbu, 25, Vasile Batarga, 23, Ioan Gavrilit, 26, and Iulian Culba, 22, were each jailed for nine years and four months.
The press service of Armenia's Foreign Ministry reports that Gasparyan and Barbu discussed questions concerning the cultural
The team was led by Prof Dr Barbu Berceanu, a foreign faculty member of Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences of GCU, Lahore and Dr Ahmad Mahmood Qureshi of FCC University, Lahore.
Barbu, Controllability of parabolic and Navier--Stokes equations, Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae, vol.
The overall stability of pure Norway spruce stands to snow and wind can be improved by improving the resistance of individual trees (of "inner stand resistance"--Ichim and Barbu, 1979), as an effect of:
Born of Romanian American parents and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Bones Barbu enjoyed outdoor life along the Susquehanna River, particularly swimming and fishing.