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found along western Atlantic coast

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Buttenheim AM, Paz-Soldan V, Barbu C, Skovira C, Calderon JQ, Riveros LM, et al.
Her only son, the 30-something Barbu is estranged from her -- Cornelia reports his having said that she and her generation should just disappear.
Located in the capital's Barbu Vacarescu area, Floreasca Park will have a total leasable area of 38,000 sqm and is scheduled to be delivered this November.
Marius Barbu, 25, Vasile Batarga, 23, Ioan Gavrilit, 26, and Iulian Culba, 22, were each jailed for nine years and four months.
When her son Barbu runs over a child with his car, Mama sets out to fix things, flashing her credit cards, offering bribes, and bullying all social inferiors.
The IMO team was led by Prof Dr Barbu Berceanu and Dr Ahmed Mahmood Qureshi from Government College University Lahore.
Sandler S, Andersson AK, Barbu A, Hellerstrom C, Holstad M, Karlsson E, Sandberg JO, Strandell E, Saldeen J, Sternesjo J.
Lucia Barbu explora la vena religiosa del Fenix en sus Rimas sacras, comparando la obra con aquellas de los misticos como San Juan de la Cruz y Santa Teresa de Jesus.
Violeta Barbu, in her study De bono coniugali, explains that even starting from the seventeenth century, people began issue testaments in order to protect the surviving wife and to discourage the proliferation of tribe-like families (158).
Bucharest should have at least asked for emergency aid in the form of rescue boats and water pumps, parliament member Sulfina Barbu of the governing Democratic Liberal Party said.
If Grant had to guess based on distribution and length of the snout, it's likely either the Barbu or Atlantic threadfin, not the littlescale threadfin.
Barbu portrays the object out of the conventional frame as a fragment of the entire visual space, giving particular emphasis on light and shadow effect which according to the artist, have a constructive function over the object he portrays, and are viewed differently by the public in terms of intensity of light.
AaAaAaAa The organising association has offered, besides the winner's prize, to grant prizes to the athletes who will run the marathon distance in less than 2h:10min and those who will break the marathon record (2h 8 min 15sec) for men and (2h 29 min 21s) for women, held by Moroccan Abdelkader El Mouaziz and Romanian Adriana Barbu since 1999 and 1994 respectively.