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Synonyms for barb

Synonyms for barb

an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect

the pointed part of barbed wire

a subsidiary point facing opposite from the main point that makes an arrowhead or spear hard to remove

one of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather

provide with barbs

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Using a barbless hook helps to reduce unhooking and handling times, and thus fish survival.
NRW is proposing measures to ensure released fish have the best chance of survival, including the use of barbless hooks, while bans on treble hooks and use of bait are also being proposed.
Other prizes to be won in coming weeks are packs of salmon flies from the Caledonian Fly Company and a selection of hand-tied barbless Trout Flies donated by the Barbless-Fly Company.
And what if the single hook also has to be barbless?
Fencing is still an issue for pronghorns, especially with sheep ranches, but pronghorn advocates are pushing to remove the bottom of barbed-wire fences and installing barbless bottom fencing--one thing pronghorns are not is big leapers.
One coarse angler had to fish considerably closer in to catch roach after returning 27 rainbows fishing barbless at that distance between the Dam Wall and the stream on the south bank.
You can also use barbless hooks, or crimp the barb on your hooks to make them barbless.
The barbless fly-only sporting ticket costs the same as last season at PS15.
It suggests a few catch-and-release precautions to help reduce that stress: Fish early in the mornings when water temperatures are lower; fish in lakes and reservoirs with deep waters that provide a cooler refuge for fish; use barbless hooks, land fish quickly and keep them in the water as much as possible; and shift fishing efforts to higher elevation mountain lakes and streams where water temperatures are cooler.
Meanwhile, with so many small schoolie stripers affording fast action, it would behoove us to switch to barbless hooks whenever fishing for them to minimize injury to our future keepers.
"We would hope that one day the fishermen in Bahrain could adopt a responsible attitude towards fishing by not only removing their discarded lines, but also using the humane barbless hooks and dissolving line which does not cause pain or injury to the fish that get away or any of the birds that catch hold of the bait.
Lake rules apply, so it's barbless hooks only and bloodworm and joker are not allowed.
On the hunt for a good sized carp, his set-up was a simple running ledger to a size 8 barbless hook, and bait was a crab flavour boilie.
Unable to sort his snarl, he lumbers from the stream, regretting the years of putting off my invitations to try his stalker's passion with the whip of a rod instead of the shotgun's sterner discipline: trout can be reprieved, the barbless hook leaving the merest hint of the end stung in the jaw.