barbituric acid

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a white crystalline acid derived from pyrimidine


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Although there are isolated examples of condensation of heteroaryl aldehydes with barbituric acid [31-34] as one of the steps in course of synthesis of target compounds, the reactions are not very fast and high yielding.
Reaction of 2-hydrazino-2,6-disubstituted-1,3,5-triazine with 5-acetyl-1,3-dimethyl barbituric acid in ethanol affords the hydrazine derivatives in the enhydrazine form as a pure isomer rather than the hydrazone form as observed from the spectral data.
The reagents used in this work include N, N'-bismaleimide-4, 4'-diphenylmethane (BMI, Beil, 95%), barbituric acid (BTA, Merk, 99+%), N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP, Sigma, 99%), dimethyl sulfoxide-d6 (DMSO-d6, Aldrich, 99.9%), hydroquinone (HQ, Acros, 99%) and toluene (Acros, 99+%).
Way back in 1864, Adolph von Baeyer had combined malic acid, isolated from apples, with urea, from urine, to make barbituric acid. This compound is actually pretty uninteresting, except perhaps for its name, which to this day provokes controversy.
Nicotine metabolites were estimated by using barbituric acid as the condensing reagent and a cotinine calibrator; creatinine was quantified by the alkaline picrate method [3].
The same kind of hydrogen bond formation of Schiff bases with barbituric acid has been reported by Jiao and coworkers [20].
Gup, Synthesis of New Azo Dyes and Copper (II) Complexes Derived from Barbituric Acid and 4-aminobenzoilhydrazone, Turk.
After selecting L-proline as the best catalyst for this reaction, this time the reaction of para-chloroethyl benzaldehyde (1.2 mmol) with barbituric acid (1 mmol) and Malononitrile (1 mmol) was examined in the presence of different solvents.
According to the report, the bizarre dictionary has a zero tolerance policy on morphine, demerol and barbituric acid precursor malonylurea, while marijuana, methamphetamine and even bong are allowed in it.
It can also undergo free radical polymerization initiated by barbituric acid (BTA) [7] or 2,2'-azobisiso-butyronitrile (AIBN) [8] and anionic polymerization initiated by nano-Na+/TiO2 [9].
Summary: Various cyanoacetamide based Knoevenagel adducts were coupled with barbituric acid / thiobarbituric acid and triethylorthoformate via a one pot three component reaction in 2-butanol availing the desired compound in excellent yields.
Antibacterial, hypotens ive and s edative activities of barbituric acid and its derivatives are well documented [6].