barbituric acid

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a white crystalline acid derived from pyrimidine


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These derivatives were synthesized from reaction of 2-pyridine Carbaldehyde with thiobarbituric acid, barbituric acid and dimethyl thiobarbituric acid in the presence of malononitrile (Table 6, rows 4-6) (Fig.
The reagents used in this work include N, N'-bismaleimide-4, 4'-diphenylmethane (BMI, Beil, 95%), barbituric acid (BTA, Merk, 99+%), N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP, Sigma, 99%), dimethyl sulfoxide-d6 (DMSO-d6, Aldrich, 99.
Drugs such as estrogens, barbituric acid derivatives, steroid metabolites, and anticoagulants should be avoided during Panhematin therapy.
Way back in 1864, Adolph von Baeyer had combined malic acid, isolated from apples, with urea, from urine, to make barbituric acid.
Nicotine metabolites were estimated by using barbituric acid as the condensing reagent and a cotinine calibrator; creatinine was quantified by the alkaline picrate method [3].
The patent, entitled "Composition and method for improved bioavailability and enhanced brain delivery of 5,5-diphenyl barbituric acid," is for one of a class of non-sedating barbiturate compounds currently in development by the Company.