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Barbiturates, widely used during the first half of the 20th century, are very soporific; however, they alter sleep architecture by decreasing REM and slow-wave sleep.
Pentobarbital sodium coma (also known as barbiturate therapy or coma therapy) is a second-tier treatment for the alleviation of RICH and is considered to be a treatment of last resort (Bullock et al., 2000; Lee, Deppe, Sipperly, Barrette, & Thompson, 1994; MICROMEDEX Healthcare Series, 2002; Rea 8 Rockswold, 1983).
Interestingly enough, the first barbiturate ever made didn't have any pharmacological activity.
In particular, the effect of flumazenil in combination with a range of doses of pentobarbital would indicate whether the interaction observed in the present experiments reflects a shift in the dose-response curve or whether addition of flumazenil produces a greater anxiolytic effect than any dose of the barbiturate.
"Providing the condemned with barbiturate pills to cause a quick painless death obviously does not require any trained (much less medical) personnel, and could avoid the many medical problems with injections, as well as restrictions and expiration dates on injectable drugs," suggests Banzhaf.
Barbituric acid itself is hypnotically inactive, but substitution at C-5 of the barbiturate ring makes these analogs active as central nervous system depressants.
Idestrom CM: Flicker fusion in chronic barbiturate usage: A quantitative study in the pathophysiology of drug addiction.
On the other hand, barbiturate pills are approved for certain medical uses, and are even covered by Medicare Part D, as its website indicates.
1962: Marilyn Monroe died alone aged 36 in her bedroom from acute barbiturate poisoning.
He said Miller was able to take the part of the original It girl, who died of a barbiturate overdose in 1971, because filming was pushed back.
"Providing a condemned man with barbiturate pills to cause a quick and painless death does not require any trained (much less medical) personnel, and could avoid the many medical-type problems with injections," suggests Banzhaf.
Ketamine is a barbiturate that can cause breathing problems or heart failure."
1962 Film star Marilyn Monroe died alone in her bedroom from "acute barbiturate poisoning".
Or, hormonal changes in pregnancy may alter barbiturate receptors in the brain and create antianxiety chemicals.