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(formerly) a mound of earth inside a fort from which heavy gun can be fired over the parapet

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In a statement issued here on Wednesday, DCO said that development work was being completed at fort with billions of rupees including construction of Bab-ul-Qasim, upgradation of barbette and new system
"As a military spouse, Barbette understands the importance of the NEX to our service members and their families," said Robin Joseph, NEXCOM's Northern District vice president.
Minneapolis, MN, October 03, 2012 --( Barbette, named “Best French Restaurant” by Mples St Paul Magazine, is now offering a number of dietitian-approved menu selections for its diners through the Healthy Dining Program and
Explosive rum based cocktail including gunpowder tea, the 'HMS Temeraire', is named after the first British ship to be equipped with barbette gun shields in 1876 and 'Cuffs and Buttons' is a refreshing fruity tipple based on a traditional Victorian recipe which later became known as Southern Comfort.
"The initial tasks were to re-excavate the underground magazines and the two Barbette gun emplacements.
The second, referred to on the map as a 'Battery en Barbette Designed for 6 Guns,' is harder to pinpoint but appears to have been just south of Anchor Point.
The Barbette circus will hold a free show, "ICI," on August 8 at the Chamoun Square.
That afternoon at Georgetown University, Mailer had debated Barbette Blackington, a feminist sociologist, so he was a bit tired and he was also coming down with a cold.
Cafe Barbette, Minneapolis: Barbette serves organic and local products whenever possible--the menu includes Minnesotan artisanal cheeses and eggs from Schultz Organic Farm.
and his wife Rhonda, Paul Bartolini all of Southborough; a sister, Theresa Barbette and her husband Thomas; a brother, Roy Tiziani and his wife Mary all of Framingham; 7 grandchildren, Dominic of NYC, Jeffrey of Waltham, Christopher, Jonathan, & Anthony all of Southborough, Leo F., III, who she raised since he was an infant, Brendan all of Southborough, and many nieces and nephews.
and the barbette mounted canons on the rocky banks.
(5) Jervois was shown a model of a system of loading guns in an open barbette battery, but under cover of the parapet (to avoid the annoyance of shrapnel!) He was impressed and immediately telegraphed the Chief Secretary in South Australia, strongly recommending that the new Armstrong system should be purchased, and that instead of the Woolwich "service" gun, a new more powerful (3.5 calibres longer) piece of the same 10 inch calibre should be adopted.
Today the company boasts a steady repertoire of Beckett, David Mamet, Sam Shepard and its own company-developed work, like the recent bio-play Barbette.
His assessment of the damage to the defences in such an engagement was that muzzle-loading barbette batteries were silenced, and a number of their personnel killed by shrapnel fire, but there was no damage to the 6-inch BL (breech-loading) Hp guns, mounted in pits with overhead shields.
Documented in the sketches are celebrities like Coco Chanel and Nijinsky, as well as Cocteau's lover and muse Jean Marais, the cross-dressing trapeze sensation Barbette, and Marcel Khill, the young Algerian who proposed to Cocteau that he travel around the world in eighty days in imitation of the Jules Verne tale.