barbershop quartet

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an unaccompanied quartet of (usually male) voices singing sentimental songs in four-part harmony

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The building is also a standout for the 30-by-26-foot reproduction of Norman Rockwell's famous Barbershop Quartet illustration, which graces its side.
with a box of chocolates and a barbershop quartet in the background.
As I paused near it on my way out, the artist himself stepped from behind the counter and offered to "get it going." Wandering over to a large propane tank, he turned the handle and put a lighter to the bottom of the sculpture, and the thing burst into flame like a stage prop for a heavy metal barbershop quartet. Self-Portrait catches the tone of the show just about right--a peculiar and appealing confection of mood, material, and method whose brand of fond hyperbole is just over-the-top enough to charm.
Star columnist Mike Hendricks started it last fall after learning that for some reason, the Leiber and Stoller hit was not the town tune: Instead, a barbershop quartet favorite, "Kansas City, My Hometown," held the title.
Musical vocal sounds are a regular routine for Linda Grant De Pauw and her Little Ol' Ladies From Pasadena, a barbershop quartet of elderly women that makes the rounds at senior centers and long term care facilities in and around Pasadena, Md.
While triumphing in this darkling spectacle of aftershock, done to Donald York's anguished score, he also achieved an opposite triumph in 2002's Dream Girls, performed to recordings of the barbershop quartet file Buffalo Bills.
All the performers except me were clinicians, researchers and psychology professors from as far away as Sweden, playing a mix of classical piano solos, duets, chamber music for horn and piano, old standards, barbershop quartet tunes (five men and a stand-in female tenor) and jazz piano played by a psychologist who has a clinical practice and researches Sufi healing practices.
Kientz is a baritone in the Prestige Barbershop Quartet -- one of only a handful of musical groups that have sung the national anthem for all four of Denver's professional sports teams.
when you seize the moment or it's gone forever." For fun, Lott sings in a barbershop quartet called the Singing Senators.
After its February premier in Bozeman, Mont., where the troupe is based, The Ever-Intrepid Traveling Clark & Lewis Show: A Colossal Extravaganza on a Less than Lavish Scale hits two more Montana towns--Harlowtown and Belt--this month with a mixture of historical spoof, vaudeville, puppetry and original songs (music and lyrics by Greg Keeler), including a barbershop quartet about being chased by a grizzly bear.
He had organized the big concert to show off the barbershop quartet he sang with, she said.
This committee was appropriately recognized at the awards banquet with a rendition of "Easy Street," from a local barbershop quartet. The barbecue at the Lancaster Liederkranz Club featured fresh sweet corn chicken and pork barbecue, and German music and dancing.
Huggins began his entertaining sideline by singing lead in a barbershop quartet for radio commercials and got into making TV commercials when he appeared as U.S.
Photo: Barbershop quartet diverts passengers along Phoenix route.