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a shop where men can get their hair cut

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At Raqam Wahid barbershop, Omar Ul Sattar said customers are in a festive mood for Eid and like to tip well.
Hilary Hall, Chief Executive of National Hairdressers Federation and National Beauty Federation (NHF/NBF), the UK trade bodies for hair salons and barbershops and for beauty salons, said: "As hair and beauty are service industries which can't be done online, salons and barbershops need a physical presence.
"He said that when he asked the barbershop owner about this, he spoke to him on phone in an aggressive tone and even threatened him," said Choudhary.
The talented 2017 Illinois District Champion Barbershop Quartet, "South of Normal" is the featured guest act.
"The barbershop is the man's country club," says Mr.
With traditionalTimpson storesalready providing key cutting and shoe repair services, the barbershops bring customers another essential service in an easy and convenient location.
class="MsoNormalCxSpMiddlespan xml:lang="EN-GBYet here was a man in this barbershop snoring softly as this young woman gently massaged his scalp with what I imagined were extra-soft hands, if the blissful look and half smile on his face were anything to go by.
That reflection, and research out of New York on the positive impact on men's health of blood pressure checks at barbershops (1) have been catalysts for setting up Caveman Health, a free weekly clinic at his partner's inner city barbershop.
ISLAMABAD:Whether we believe it or not, the first-ever barbershop has opened in Darel, Sub Division of District Diamer in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) with the intervention of district administrationon Monday.
'I decided to open a barbershop just for children as it is unique and we don't have one in the Kingdom.
"I found a number of male customers who are interested in the barbershop culture while I working there.
Beyond the racks of his sartorial favorites from the classic American brand, you'll find a barbershop tucked quietly at the back to complete his dapper look.
Adventure Enterprises has sued James and his media platform UNINTERRUPTED, claiming that they copied their idea for a talk show centered in a barbershop, according to a lawsuit obtained by ( TMZ Sports on Monday. 
The intervention included monthly checkups with a pharmacist in the barbershop setting, along with blood pressure readings, medication management, electrolyte monitoring, and progress notes sent to each man's primary care provider.