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a bar to which heavy discs are attached at each end

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We hypothesized that, because of the elimination of the potential effects of different bodyweights on the kinematics of the barbell, this comparative analysis of the snatch performances in the 69-kg weight class would demonstrate subtle differences between genders, thus providing valuable information for athletes and their coaches to integrate into training and competition.
Execution: This exercise can be done seated or standing with barbell or E-Z bar.
Speaking to M AIL T ODAY , IWF secretary general BR Gulati said that the shortage of barbell sets had reached a very disturbing point.
Previously the jury has heard that a barbell used to kill Ms Hyde matched one found at the teenager's home.
The barbell then rolled onto my neck, which immediately stopped my yelling.
Campbell and others (19) evaluated the effect of time (in years) and size of the stem and the barbell of tongue piercings in relation to gingival trauma and tooth damage.
4 SOME GUY'S HOMEMADE BARBELL This is my favorite piece of public art in LA.
First we will look at an exercise that will help strengthen the wrist - the barbell wrist curl.
But gums or firm pink flesh around the base of the teeth, were damaged in nearly half of those who'd worn barbell tongue posts for four or more years.
Lifting a living, moving being is far more difficult than hoisting a barbell with a constant weight.
His catch was made up of small barbell, a fine 2lb crucian carp plus roach taken on a 12 metre pole with pellet.
An overhead barbell press, for example, is an excellent exercise for the deltoids and triceps--muscles that are used in running.
It may be doing a deep knee bend with more than 900 pounds on his shoulders, or it may be loading that barbell with more than a thousand pounds and carrying it for distance.
The patient noticed soon after getting the oral barbell that her gums started to recede progressively in the area of the piercing.
It's probably a little bit easier with machines, but if you had a barbell and indoor dumbbells, you could devise an exercise program doing most of the same movements.