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a bar to which heavy discs are attached at each end

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Sometimes, Darna and Captain Barbell can be seen in the same movie, just like the ones that starred Sharon Cuneta as Darna and Edu Manzano as Captain Barbell; and another movie with Bong Revilla as Captain Barbell and Regine Velasquez as Darna.
Yet removing a tongue barbell from an incapacitated patient at the emergency department during surgery is no mean feat!
Begin with your feet between hip- and shoulder-width apart with a weighted barbell resting on your upper back.
Stewart began to strike a vehicle with a metal barbell, casing damage to front and rear windscreen.
The ben over barbell row helps target a combination of muscles, including the biceps, back and legs.
The most weight lifted by barbell press standing in one minute is 4,000kg.
10) observed the greatest values for maximal strength during the barbell bench press exercise when compared with the same exercise executed with dumbells and the Smith Machine.
And at the middle of the barbell, many times, sit the employees in the sandwich generation.
Scarver battered him to death with a barbell in 1994 while Dahmer was serving 16 life terms at a Wisconsin jail.
The occupant then discovered a washing machine and gym equipment, including a weight bench and a barbell, were among items stolen.
We have asked the police to stop the barbell noise, but they tell us people in our subdivision can make noise until 8 p.
The snatch technique requires the barbell to be lifted from the floor to a straight-arm overhead position in one continuous motion (Burdett, 1982; Gourgoulis et al.
Kapamilya actor Coco Martin has refuted speculations that he will reprise the role of fictional Filipino superhero Captain Barbell.
com)-- Pittsburgh Barbell Club representative, Michael Nackoul, a Canonsburg native, has been selected by USA Weightlifting (USAW) to represent the United States at the International Weightlifting Federation's (IWF) World Weightlifting Championships in Wroclaw, Poland, Oct.
The factor that ensures the optimal conditions for the solution of these problems is the reasonable sports technique (without violating the competition rules), by which the athlete uses efficiently his physical, functional and psychological traits possibilities for lifting a barbell of maximal weight (Dvorkin, 2005).