barbed wire

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strong wire with barbs at regular intervals used to prevent passage


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Even Lerumie, variously lacerated by the barbed wire, did not scowl nor mutter threats.
A DISTRESSED horse which had become entangled in barbed wire was rescued by firecrews.
CRUEL" criminals shot a badger and left it strung up on barbed wire.
A CYCLIST said he was nearly "beheaded" after he hit barbed wire which had been stretched across a bike path.
FIREFIGHTERS rescued a horse with barbed wire round its neck after it fell into a ditch in Cronton yesterday morning.
It was liable to go off and when it did it would travel up and down the German Front, with a rage against barbed wire, blasting it all away without missing a single strand; after which it would turn its attention to the barbed-wire dumps in Back Areas, and finally make for Germany where it would destroy the factories where the barbed wire came from until there wasn't a strand of barbed wire left in enemy territory large enough to stick a louse with.
Barbed wire has also been installed on boundary wall.
More likely, the fence posts with the corkscrew-style design are surplus World War I barbed wire anchor posts.
The woman landed on a barbed wire fence after the fall in a country park in Hartshill shortly before 12.
YOU may not have noticed that the fine actor Frank Finlay (Casanova, Bouquet of Barbed Wire, The Three Musketeers) died last weekend because his death was announced on the same day as Terry Wogan's.
Finlay starred in TV series Bouquet Of Barbed Wire in 1976, which was seen as one of the most controversial dramas of the era, and he also played Casanova in a TV series in 1971.
Experts consider that the idea to construct a barbed wire on the south Macedonian border is non-sense.
A convoy of army trucks carrying barbed wire arrived early Wednesday in Veliki Obrez, at the Slovenian border with Croatia.
A MOUNTAIN biker was left bloodied after he rode face-first into barbed wire stretched across a popular woodland track.
When they resisted and tried to cross from the barbed wire, the police let them enter the country.