barbed wire

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strong wire with barbs at regular intervals used to prevent passage


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Even Lerumie, variously lacerated by the barbed wire, did not scowl nor mutter threats.
According to the CDA, obstructions causing hindrance in pedestrian movement, barbed wire and fences erected around the premises, car sheds, parking and security apparatus, lawns and gardens established beyond plot lines were cleared.
Rabat The Spanish Ministry of Interior has announced a deadline for the removal of barbed wire from Ceuta and Melilla border.
To make matters worse there was a roll of barbed wire below his body, and his feet were getting caught on it.
They told the inquiry how crossing over the Thai border through Bukit Kayu Hitam in Perlis basically meant stepping over and dodging loosely placed barbed wire.
A Form Three student at Yangua Secondary School in Mbooni, Makueni, allegedly committed suicide after being sent home to buy a barbed wire as punishment for indiscipline.
A DOG walker was left shocked after finding barbed wire strung at "head height" between two trees on a mountain path in the Rhondda.
I AM certain that my feelings of despair are prevalent upon reading reports that the Trumpeting decibels from the US have extolled the beauty of barbed wire and armed forces as the US' s borders.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Sharp barbed wire fences are being erected along the US-Mexico border as thousands of US troops, supported by drones and choppers, prepare to repel what the country's commander-in-chief called a looming migrant "invasion".
Quetta -- Armed clashes erupted Sunday when Pakistani border guards tried to lay down barbed wire along the disputed frontier with Afghanistan in Chaman.
KANDAHAR -- Clash erupted between the Afghan and Pakistani forces on the installation of barbed wire near the Durand Line in Spin Boldak district on Sunday (October 14).
A CAT suffered horrific injuries when it got caught in barbed wire - and treatment could cost up to PS4,000.
Najim al-Jubouri announced the completion of the wall and barbed wire fence to prevent the infiltration of criminal gangs on the border between Iraq and Syria to the north-west of Mosul.
Dad taught us kids the art of splicing barbed wire that has become so brittle that attempting to bend it caused it to snap like a dried twig.