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Synonyms for barbed

Synonyms for barbed

capable of wounding

having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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Mr Dunderdale said: "It looks like he tried to jump the barbed wire fence but he got attached to it and obviously as he tried to free himself, the wire ripped his skin.
'There was no fencing around the area, and no tarred road, so when we came across the barbed wire, we just stepped over it.
This isn't the first time barbed wire has been found on a mountain in the Rhondda, and a similar incident was reported on a nearby forestry trail on the Mynydd Ton in Ton Pentre in 2016.
Kandahar police chief General Abdul Raziq yesterday urged Pakistanis to avoid installation of barbed wire on the Durand Line.
When the broken ends were almost touching, he would wind smooth wire around and around the barbed wire.
The peritoneal synthesis was made with a barbed suture (V-Loc) with a cut end of 1 cm.
"It was a brand new piece of barbed wire about four or five feet from the ground.
Now, thinking about barbed wire, it could be easy to consider related
Razor-barbed wire is far sharper than normal barbed wire and is designed to rip and grab onto clothing and skin.
has introduced a new line of barbed check valves as an extension to its SCV Series of check valves.
Barbed wire stretching around Sokh enclave continues in Batken region, reported the local government authorities.
Barbed sutures are experiencing resurgence in interest after almost 50 years of non-use.
* They studied mortality of walleyes (9 inches to 16.5 inches in length) caught by bobber fishing with leeches on barbed and barbless #4 octopus hooks and on barbed jigs (1/16 ounce) with #4 hooks.
The 0.772-g part's barbed legs are around 400 pm wide at the barbs, and the end where they are joined has a 500-pm hole.