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roasting a large piece of meat on a revolving spit out of doors over an open fire

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? For extra safety consider wearing flame-retardant gloves when barbecuing.
The government should encourage social life by designating areas for barbecuing.'
Al Ain Municipality explained that it has taken into consideration the popularity of barbecuing during this time of year, and urged residents to choose alternate picnic spots in desert areas away from houses and residential areas.
The office said that since it began its policy of allowing the public to barbecue in riverside parks, a large amount of garbage has been produced annually, and many people have not been following barbecuing regulations in these parks.
There are plenty of marinades that blend perfectly with prawns, whether barbecuing or sauteing.
Recent research has revealed that the majority (73%) of people in Belfast do not identify CO poisoning as a potential danger when barbecuing, instead selecting food poisoning (70%), burns (62%), child safety (55%), Injury caused by knives or barbecue implements (22%) and drunken accidents (32%) as the main barbecue hazards.
SBecause barbecuing can be done all year round and even the most unexpected dishes, including sticky toffee pudding and soups, can be prepared on the rack.
Mike Richardson, AHDB Beef & Lamb's independent retail sector manager, said: "Here in the UK we are barbecuing more than ever.
Granai says although grilling and barbecuing inspired the sauce, the company's recipe for Barbecue Chicken Pizza has sold more bottles of sauce than any other recipe they've developed.
Roger and Rod Livingston have been barbecuing together for more than a decade.
| Barbecuing and outdoor eating and entertaining is now the number one summer leisure activity enjoyed at home in the UK.
Barbecuing is one of the easiest, enjoyable and healthy ways to cook food, but most amateur chefs simply stick to grilling sausages and flipping burgers.
QWhat is the difference between a marinade and a rub when it comes to barbecuing?