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cooked over an outdoor grill


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If you are planning to barbecue some lamb, keep in mind the ingredients like red wine, oregano, honey mustard, fresh rosemary and garlic, which can create a variety of magical marinades for the perfectly barbecued lamb, depending on the cravings of your taste buds.
BARBECUE DESSERTS BARBECUED BANOFFEE TRIFLES Serves 6 Prep time 15 mins Cook time 15 mins, plus cooling time INGREDIENTS Olive oil, for brushing 6 firm, skin-on bananas, halved lengthways 6 pieces dairy fudge, cut in half 1 x 100g (3 1/2oz) bar 85% plain chocolate, broken into chunks 120g (3 3/4oz) reduced-fat mascarpone 140g (5oz) ginger cake, cut into 2.5cm (1in) cubes 6 tbsp dark rum chocolate.
If you're prone to overdoing the amount of barbecued red meat you eat - 500g of red or processed meat (equivalent to one steak, one pork chop and three sausages) is considered a healthy weekly allowance - follow up with a few meat-free days to help balance things out.
It makes for some great recipes too, like this barbecued Red Rascal chicken.
Barbecued pig's feet and a mean sauce attributed to a Cuban friend are among the offerings gathered by this well-known photographer.
The Solins plan to offer a barbecue sauce bar where participants can construct a pulled pork sandwich with a bun, a helping of barbecued pork topped with cole slaw, and choice of regional barbecue sauces.
He barbecued as a hobby and began experimenting with smokers.
Better known as "pig pickin," this style of barbecue involves laying a whole barbecued hog on a table with diners picking and enjoying its tender meat.
Food handler C, who was carrying the outbreak strain of MRSA, performed various tasks at the store, including preparing foods and handling barbecued pork and coleslaw.
Breezes smelling of smoky, sweet, barbecued chicken, and the sizzle of hamburgers searing on the grill -- these were the harbingers of summer when we were kids.
A staggering eight million people a year enjoy eating barbecued food.
Why not try replacing some of the red meat with chicken or fish, which both taste great barbecued? Vegetable kebabs are also another favourite of mine.
While there's no doubt about it, barbecued food tastes great, it's not without its hidden dangers.
The bizarre thing about barbecued food is that people who hate it do so for the same reason that others love it - charred meat.
67 per cent of households prefer a barbecued dinner to a traditional Sunday roast when the opportunity arises.