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Synonyms for barb

Synonyms for barb

an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect

the pointed part of barbed wire

a subsidiary point facing opposite from the main point that makes an arrowhead or spear hard to remove

one of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather

provide with barbs

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Barb was gifted with two free tickets to the show per Dan just now!
Imran Mehmood said such Barb q parties in picnic spots not only give us an opportunity to enjoy Eid with loved-ones, but also give us a chance to taste different types of dishes made of sacrificial meat.
Mr Fletcher said: "It is always fascinating to hear about the similarities and differences between our two great towns, so it was a real pleasure to meet Barrhead citizens Jeff and Barb.
Barb's incredible insight and practical advice are simple and easy to apply personally.
Regarding Clell Ballard's article about barbed wire (Farm Collector, December 2017), where he described seeing a bumblebee impaled on a barbed wire fence: I found a description of the loggerhead shrike bird.
The proper design of drip irrigation laterals comprehends emitter discharge variations, change of flow stream lines due to emitter's barb protrusion, change of hydraulic head due to elevation, friction head losses in the laterals to provide uniform water application.
Barb's Recipe for Lifelong Intimacy" is a 'must' for all women who are approaching or who are already experiencing menopause.
Barb coined many terms and an educational process for sellers to understand the importance of preparation including, "Detail your house like you would detail your car," and "Make your house Q-tip clean."
Abe and Barb sat in seats 1 and 6, Carl sat in seat 4 behind and one seat to the left of Deb in seat 2.
Have you ever wondered whatever happened to all the barbed wire
In Wales there is supposed to be a representative sample of viewers, including an appropriate proportion of Welsh speakers, issued with Barb boxes which they use to indicate the TV programmes they watch.
Now, Barb has announced she'll be bringing her show to the upstairs suite at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall for one last time before the venue closes for refurbishment.
has introduced a new line of barbed check valves as an extension to its SCV Series of check valves.
Barbed sutures are experiencing resurgence in interest after almost 50 years of non-use.
BARB JUNGR From Stockport To Memphis (Naim Jazz) * THIS is latest in a line of fine albums from Barb Jungr, an expressive singer and a unique exponent of generally other people's songs.