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a chart with bars whose lengths are proportional to quantities


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If you are considering a bar graph, the use of certain style elements can help you create an effective figure.
Give your bar graph a title ("Average Score of Various Girls Competing in the First Round of the 2008 Junior Gold Bowling Tournament").
1% Source: Equilar Note: Table made from bar graph.
Dr Marek who won the Assembly seat in 2003 claimed he was "airbrushed" out of history in a bar graph which also declares the Tories "can't win here".
Thereafter, all the operator has to do is enter the part (program) number or with the use of the bar code wand, scan the bar graph, and the computer will automatically recall the stored data and set up the parameters.
2001 $84 $82 2002 $87 $83 2003 $88 $82 2004 $91 $83 2005 $99 $87 Note: Table made from bar graph.
African-American 88% Caucasian 59% Filipino 100% Latino 90% Vietnamese 62% Note: Table made from bar graph.
The gauge also offers probe setup and data recording, six virtual keys that change function based on the task and an alarm bar graph to recognize when alarm values are exceeded.
Information is provided in a variety of formats, such as vertical trend, horizontal trend, vertical bar graph, horizontal bar graph, or large numeric; custom displays are fully supported as well.
Ideal Regular Beer Importance of Driver Full-bodied Taste 140 Drinkability 110 Appropriate for All Occasions 129 Brewing Expertise 109 Note: Table made from bar graph Ideal Light Beer Importance of Driver Drinkability 108 Refreshing Taste 130 Appropriate for All Occasions 150 Brewing Expertise 115 Note: Table made from bar graph
For each simulation type, users may define various options including display of its bar graph or a table of the trials data, specifying number of trims to run, options for how to collect data, and options for weighting.
The user sees the results as a bar graph on a small light-emitting-diode display built into the device.
THIS ARTICLE PROVIDES four tools--the horizontal bar graph, the Gantt chart, the thermometer chart and the bubble graph--that can be added to spreadsheets by formatting the data in the right way and by writing a few formulas.
A giant bar graph hanging along the facade of City Hall charted the deficit's downward path.