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an examination conducted at regular intervals to determine whether a candidate is qualified to practice law in a given jurisdiction


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A taskforce on legal sector reforms chaired by lawyer Fred Ojiambo revealed that law students graduating from public universities had a higher chance of failing Bar examinations compared to those studying in private institutions.
With the new exam, successful New Hampshire applicants can gain admission to the bar in a number of other states without having to taking another bar examination.
Consequently, the pass rate for the new bar examination was far lower than anticipated.
Harms passed the Oregon State Bar examination and opened his law practice in Springfield later that year.
9%, the National Bar Examination Administration Commission said Friday.
The council proposed in the report that the number of judges, prosecutors and lawyers be increased to 50,000 by 2018 from the current 21,000, in part by allowing roughly triple the number of people to pass the National Bar Examination.
He attended New York Law School and graduated in 1991 but failed the bar examination twice, sources said.
No college would accept her because of her sex, so she studied law in her father's office but was not allowed to take the bar examination or practice.
Tablizo, who is a mother of three children, said the exam was hard "but it was really positive because of the support from my school and family from Virac, Catanduanes," she said, as she took the bar examination for the first time.
Four states allow would-be lawyers to take the bar examination and become licensed by going through an apprenticeship with practicing attorneys.
The number of applicants to sit the National Bar Examination this fiscal year reached a record 38,930, up 2,727, or 7.
Vern Maine, founding member of the Nashua-based intellectual property law firm of Maine & Asmus, has successfully completed the July 2000 New York State bar examination, and is scheduled to be admitted to the New York bar in January.