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an examination conducted at regular intervals to determine whether a candidate is qualified to practice law in a given jurisdiction

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With no more trainees to enter following the abolishment of the state bar exam, the institute will focus on legal studies and research to improve the individual capacity of legal professionals.
We collated and organized the fraternity study notes, updated them every year, and made them available to our Bar candidates; we read and digested laws and cases at their request; we ran errands for them and did their many biddings, whether or not related to the Bar exams; we made the Bar exams a "fun" and happy time for everyone, even for those assisting the examinees; and we comforted our examinees at the moment they needed comfort the most - in the days leading to Bar exam Sunday, particularly on the night before the exams.
Darrow-Kleinhaus provides law students a complete guide to the bar exam, from pre-planning considerations through the bar review course and sitting for the exam.
Once I pass the Washington state bar exam, I vow to continue giving back to my community by providing affordable or pro-bono legal assistance to the disenfranchised.
On the reinstatement proposed amendment, Kainen said some suspended lawyers were applying for reinstatement before taking the bar exam.
In light of Examsoft's warning, some states have taken measures to address the issue and ensure that test takers will not cheat on the bar exam with the help of Apple's technology.
Admission on motion" permits lawyers to be admitted to a foreign state without taking that state's bar exam.
Subject to edibility conditions, The Bar Study Loan may cover review course fees, bar exam fees, as well as living expenses incurred while studying for and taking the bar exam.
Campbell Law is the only law school in the state of North Carolina to place in the top two for first-time test takers on the July bar exam in each of the past four years.
Perhaps the state of Iowa, which is considering doing away with the bar exam altogether, is on to something.
The Iowa bar exam no longer tests Iowa-specific laws, which some say makes it unsuited for measuring the competency of a new attorney.
The Uniform Bar Exam is made up of three components: the multistate Performance Test, the Multistate Essay Examination and the Multistate Bar Examination.
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This study guide for those taking the California bar exam contains practice essays and sample essay answers, along with guidelines on how to organize and write a passing answer within the allotted time frame.