bar code

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code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser

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The Barcode Nerds blog is the oldest blog in the bar code industry, dating back to early 2005.
RFID doesn't do a good job at replacing bar code systems because it's too expensive, and bar coding is more suited for highly-structured, highly-disciplined, highly-engineered business processes," Woods said.
On the other hand, the gene isn't a suitable bar code for plants or bacteria.
As the technology develops, the data storage and cost issues will, like early bar code technology, improve in performance and price from the user's standpoint.
A few customers did not like it, so we removed the bar code and moved it to a new location,'' he said.
s Bar Code Kit costs $299 and contains everything companies need to get started.
Those companies with stacked bar codes quickly point out that their technology blends in better with existing bar code readers.