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a chart with bars whose lengths are proportional to quantities


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Build professional dashboards and reports with a mixture of objects on one screen including bar charts, line charts, pie charts and dials.
In addition to pie charts, the GAAFR MD&A illustration includes bar charts to reflect the relationship between program revenues and expenses.
Votes were tabulated in 10 seconds, then displayed as bar charts on an overhead screen; there were no time-consuming recounts.
Interaction Supervisor helps enable statistics to be viewed using bar charts or line graphs, and managers can set custom alerts that send notifications via sound, e-mail, icon or graphic when pre-set parameters have been exceeded.
CPM Scheduling is differentiated from bar charts not only in its calculation of the critical path, but also in its sequencing of work activities.
Operators enter data online and managers can view reports and bar charts showing performance trends.
The most useful formats have withstood the test of time: Pie charts, horizontal bar charts, vertical bar or horizontal line charts, vertical column or histogram frequency distribution charts and scatter diagrams have become classics because they work.
Students can easily view and edit text or numeric data, and plot data as pie charts, pictographs, bar charts, scatter plots, histograms and more.
They include a pie chart of the type and number of alerts broadcast per machine and bar charts comparing the total number of alerts and the overall Class Factor for each press.
For Christina Ashworth, the bottom line is not `the outputs, bar charts, buildings and services' so much as doing things `in a way that enhances people's dignity and makes them feel included and respected'.
It includes full-color 3D stacked bar charts and allows you to create your own reports in the Report Designer.
Categories of data can be displayed as pie charts or bar charts, as well as a full array of other statistical charts, facilitating immediate communication about the data.
A time series shown with bar charts should be shown with vertical, rather than horizontal bars.
Most people have a need at some time to create a plan and schedule for a project or to calculate and include timeline information and bar charts in a business plan.