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a chart with bars whose lengths are proportional to quantities


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Bar chart and mean score supported the above statement.
There's an embedded vertical bar chart and heavy use of pictograms to convey that students primarily want quiet, privacy, and room to spread out.
In the stacked bar chart, click on any of the start date bars (shown in blue below) to select them all.
Intelligence Report, October 2013 Note: Table made from bar chart.
Secondly, plagiarism detection in bar chart image is performed depending on ten features in images.
The graphic barometric trend shows the present reading and previous 1-, 3-, 6- and 12-hr readings in a bar chart format.
The end result is a visual bar chart. Easy to read and accurate, Qin said, though development continues.
Figure 2 shows a bar chart that represents sales of $4M, $8M, and $90M for three years.
The screen features an easy-to-interpret bar chart. New software records fault messages, and converts them into a straightforward horizontal bar chart.
The analyses were conducted by t-test and descriptive statistics, including percentage and bar chart. The results indicated that more than 50% of the students felt interested in the five most interesting topics shown in ISTs, with only a few exceptions.
The first involves creation of a component that implements a bar chart, utilizing arrays of numbers and strings for the bar values and labels.
The badge, showing a rising bar chart based on sales or profits, will be presented to scouts doing one of three things: creating a successful scouting enterprise as part of a small group; creating a business idea and presenting it to a small panel of leaders, parents or business people; presenting, as a case study, a successful business in which they are involved.
EXPECTATIONS FOR FED FUNDS RATE 12 MONTHS FROM NOW: UNCHANGED 30% UP 25 BASIS POINTS 27% UP 50 BASIS POINTS 32% UP MORE THAN 50 BASIS POINTS 11% Note: Table made from bar chart. 57% expect their company's 2009 revenues to fall short of 2008 revenues.