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the first name given to Christians at birth or christening

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While his baptismal name neatly obscures his Ghanaian identity, he was a remarkable leader and historian who, by openly challenging mission control, "gave Africans a voice and the ability to actively shape history.
The young Percy, to give him his quickly-to-be-rejected baptismal name, was sent to Rugby, which was a disaster, followed by the Slade, from which he was expelled.
From the very early days the baptismal name of the senior male was Guy.
The Director of the School was Sister Mary Ethel, who returned to her baptismal name, Helen Martin.
I was even more touched when Hye Jung Hwang said to me that night that she would be taking a new baptismal name.
Peter's, after the white smoke and the tolling bells, to announce: "Habemus papam," I gasped when he pronounced the baptismal name "Iosephum.
The pronouncement of death was made in Latin and certified by a physician before the camerlengo - or papal chamberlain - called out the pontiff's baptismal name three times - ``Karol, Karol, Karol'' - to confirm there was no response.
This is done by tapping the Pope on the forehead with a silver hammer and calling out his baptismal name three times
Subsequent to the reforms of Vatican II in 1968, she resumed her baptismal name Sister Alfreda Alexander.
Plaid Genedlaethol Cymru, to give it its proud baptismal name, has to mark out a clear road map toward a sovereign Welsh Republic and not leave us lost in an ambiguoussemantic maze which only confuses the electorate and gives live ammunition to the negative scaremongers who feed on our fear and ignorance.
35-43), he opens by quoting Cranmer's catechism of 1549, then he moves to an analysis of naming patterns in Anglo-Saxon royal families and the early distinction between monothematic and dithematic names, then he looks at the power of godparents in choosing the baptismal name, then at changing patterns of namin g after the Conquest, and finally at the emergence of surnames (plus a short table showing the family names of William of Norwich and of Gospatric of Cumberland).
At his coronation on November 2, 1930, Negus Tafari Makonnen son of Ras Makonnen of Harare was crowned emperor of Ethiopia and earned the supreme rank of Negusa Nagast (King of Kings), to which he appended "his Christian baptismal name, Haile Selassie.
On her christening she received her baptismal name, which was as unique and individual as she was.
The woman took the name Agnes, which was Sister Teresa's baptismal name, and became the first to follow.