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having undergone the Christian ritual of baptism


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"If you are one of those who has not yet been baptised, do not delay any longer.
Ms Markle will be baptised and confirmed in the Church of England, of which the Queen is head.
Reverend Mark Miller has baptised 204, up to half of whom are refugees and 25 of them children, since 2012, and is delighted at how his congregation has grown.
He said: "I know numerous friends who, unwillingly, have felt under duress to have their children baptised.
The princess was baptised using holy water from the River Jordan, where it is said Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist.
"This kind of baptism is more often associated with Baptist churches," said Kirkheaton Rector, Richard Steel, "but I was delighted when Sharon asked if she could be baptised this way, and Gareth agreed too.
Washington, June 8 ( ANI ): Justin Bieber was baptised in a New York bathroom in an attempt to cleanse himself post his racist remarks and joking about joining the Ku Klux Klan.
The Pope asked, 'If, for example, tomorrow an expedition of Martians came - green, with that long nose and big ears, just like children paint them - and one says, "But I want to be baptised!" What would happen?'
RISING numbers of British children are being baptised later in life as their parents scramble to get them into Roman Catholic Schools, new figures suggest.
William and Kate's baby son will be baptised by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the little known Chapel Royal at St James's Palace, with the ceremony starting at 3pm.
When divorced Anna, of Arezzo in Italy, received the call on her mobile, she told Pope Francis she wanted the baby baptised but had serious concerns as she is unmarried.
He baptised an 18-year-old gunner, from 29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery, in a patrol base near Nad E Ali last summer.
CHRISTIANS took the plunge in the chilly sea off Llandudno's North Shore to be baptised in front of hundreds of interested onlookers.