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administer baptism to

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The Pope The Pope would be happy to baptise a Martian
Anna Romano, 35, was stunned to hear the Pontiff's voice but shock turned to elation when he vowed to baptise the child who will be illegitimate.
A Commando padre who used his water bottle to baptise soldiers on the battlefield has been awarded a gallantry medal for bravery.
Just as the Church baptised Paul in the first century, it baptised the Jew Jean-Marie Lustiger, the present Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, in the 20th, in keeping with His command to baptise all nations.
She said: "It is a great joy and privilege for me to baptise anyone, but a very special joy to havea baptised Lilia.
The parish priest of Puckane at the time, Fr O'Meara decided to make a clean sweep of things by getting the three new babies of the parish to his church on the same day to baptise them.