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a Japanese cheer of enthusiasm or triumph

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Paolo Ainio , Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Banzai, said: "Also in the third quarter, Banzai outperforms the market and expands its market share in the e-Commerce business thanks to the development of high-ticket categories (domestic appliances and electronic goods), the "3P Marketplace" and the distribution network of Pick & Pay and Lockers.
But Banzai added, "If (the prime minister) understands there can be exemptions, then we want him to assure us that he is winning such exemptions" during talks.
Bank of the West has said that it will be the presenting sponsor of the Rahlves' Banzai Tour, a downhill ski and snowboard event.
We've been working with credit unions for a few years now, and we've noticed the struggle to connect with teens, especially through schools," said Morgan Vandagriff, cofounder of Banzai.
Less Buckaroo Banzai and more George Strait to the heart.
The Ke Iki Beach Bungalows are prime territory for Oahu's famed North Shore surf-watching season, peaking this month (Waimea Bay's thunderous liquid mountains and the Banzai Pipeline's perfect barrels are both within walking distance).
Another mystery writer, Christopher Chambers, author of A Prayer for Deliverance (Crown, 2003), recently signed deals with Moonstone Comics as a contributing writer for books of Buckaroo Banzai, from the '80s cult film, and Kolchak: The Night Stalker, based on the classic horror TV show from the '70s.
Now all this seems dramatic language and the comparison to the Nazi war machine or Japanese Banzai militarism may seem totally inappropriate.
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" is up for debate at this weekend's Odd Sunday Film Seminar at DIVA.
Unrein was camped, the Japanese began a banzai attack.
The manipulation of the ethereal voice of Teresa Salgueiro and the guitars of the band by the likes of Rob da Bank, Manitoba, Buscemi, Banzai Republic and Craig Armstrong works a treat, adding space, depth and a well-deserved scruffiness to music that was once a little too precious and pristine.
IT could have been a scene from weird Japanese show Banzai when my spies saw bald-headed adjudicator Mashashi Fujimoto, in conversation with a Boy George-esque drag queen in Soho karaoke bar Yo
It also upheld complaints about Channel 4's Banzai Christmas Special in which a choirboy was challenged to eat as many communion wafers as possible.
It has also been nominated for Best Innovation against David Attenborough's The Blue Planet and wacky betting show Banzai.
For all of Toomik's Buckaroo Banzai, garage-band approach to technology - the installation is literally held together with gaffer's tape - the piece represents a concise and elegant domestication of media.