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wild ox of the Malay Archipelago

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But cloned female bantengs, with their baggage of cow mitochondrial DNA ready to be passed to their offspring, are deemed valueless hybrids.
It looks like much ado about not much--just three experiments conducted at zoos on cross-species cloning (in banteng, gaur, and African wildcat).
An endangered banteng was cloned in 2003 from a single skin cell taken from a captive banteng that died in 1980.
Using frozen skin cells that have been stored in the San Diego Zoo's Frozen Zoo(R), the bantengs were cloned by transferring the DNA of these cells into empty eggs from ordinary domestic cows," said Robert Lanza, Vice President of Medical and Scientific Development for ACT.
SAN DIEGO, and SIOUX CENTER, Iowa, April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Two banteng clones were born to Angus cows on April 1 and 3, 2003 as a result of a cross-continental collaboration involving the Zoological Society of San Diego, a Massachusetts laboratory and an Iowa embryo technology firm.