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wild ox of the Malay Archipelago

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Zoos treat cloned males, which can pass along only nuclear DNA to future generations, as valuable "bridges" of pure banteng DNA to the banteng gene pool.
To me it makes a perfect Outback adventure to hunt both banteng and buffalo.
We estimated expected cluster size by regressing log-cluster size against the estimated probability of detection except for banteng where checking for size bias in detection of animal clusters led to a non-significant regression equation at [alpha]=0.
Suryaraya (Federal), Banteng Pratama (Mizzle), Industri Karet Deli (Swallow), Sumi Rubber (Dunlop), and Surabaya Kencana (Primax).
The original banteng whose frozen cells went to ACT, for instance, died in 1980 without offspring, having made no genetic contribution to the captive banteng population.
19THE birth of a rare Banteng calf in Iowa has led some to hope DNA could be the key to saving endangered species.
Endangered include tapir, guar and banteng, wild buffalo, serow, red dog, Asiatic elephant, and leopard.
Banteng Barking deer Butterfly Cevit Chinese flancolin Crocodile Eld's deer Elephant Gaur Gibbon Goral Green peafowl Himalayan bear Hog budger Hog deer Marine Turtle Mouse deer Mythun Peacock Jungle fowl Leopard Otter Pangolin Porcupine Quail Rhesus macaque Rhinoceros Sambar Serow Swiftlet Tiger Wild boar Wild cat Wild dog
We must look to the banteng to find a beast that gets less attention.
Banteng were introduced to the peninsula long ago by early European settlers.
The sanctuary's more important mammals, in addition to the brow-antlered deer, include the Siamese hare (Lepus peguensis), the Malaysian bear (Ursus malayanus), gaur (Bos gaurus), banteng (B.
The Islands project will be linked by a series of bridges and waterways and the development will be home to animals and plants from the region, new species such as banteng wild cattle, and the Sunda Gavial crocodile.
Some of the animals are already in the zoo, but new species will include the saltwater crocodile and Banteng, a wild and endangered cattle species.
The project leaders hope that the information collected from the monkey project will contribute to better understanding of the habitats and behaviour of other endangered species, including orang-utans, crocodiles and the banteng.
Nitrogen metabolism in Brahman cross, buffalo, Banteng and Shorthorn steers fed on low-quality roughage.