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(Irish folklore) a female spirit who wails to warn of impending death

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After some time on the range with the Banshee Classic, G&A fell in love with the trigger.
Alisha Green, stage name Banshee, is hoping to win a record deal
The Banshee - there was also a ship of the same name built later at the yard - was captured on her ninth voyage in November 1863.
Banshees flew in combat in Korea and appeared in James Michener's novel "The Bridges at Toko-ri," although F9F Panthers stood in for them in the 1955 movie starring William Holden and Grace Kelly.
Meggitt supplies the Banshee equipment and customers operate it themselves.
In November 1955, the RCN took possession of its first fighter jet, the F2H3 Banshee all-weather jet fighter, the crown jewel of naval aviation in Canada.
Prior to joining Premier, Mr Croxford held senior management positions in Banshee Spirits Ltd, Bacardi Ltd, Diageo plc, Tate & Lyle and Allied Lyons.
Surreal is the word for Banshee Canyon, one of the best spring escapes in eastern California's Mojave National Preserve.
Fruin of VF 171 was on a routine training flight after picking up a new F2H Banshee at Cherry Point.
However, she leaves no doubt as to the identity of the apparition - it was a banshee.
The Banshee starts off with an axle-to-axle length of 32 inches and was designed for archers owning draw lengths from 16 to 23 inches.
The second film to be shown will be Scream for the Banshee, by Mark Matthews, Gopal Dutta and Ben Flanagan.
Lu Ravi and to champion three-year-old filly Banshee Breeze.