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an official prohibition or edict against something

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DC Miller said: ``We work closely with the force solicitor to make sure we get these football banning orders.
who claimed: "For the first time in history, Congress is banning a procedure .
Thompson disputed some of the CPSC staff's data analysis and even suggested that banning baby bath seats might actually "lead to an overall increase in drowning death rates.
Moll believes that "the signing of the Illinois legislation banning ephedra-containing products brings us one step closer to our goal of banning ephedra-containing products nationwide.
In fairness, Fukuyama is specific about banning human cloning, which in today's climate is about as risky as coming out for motherhood.
Her 1994 vote against banning baby bath seats (the issue has come before the Commission again--see below) was done after she researched staff in-depth investigations (IDIs) on the drowning scenarios.
As several public health organizations have noted, the best way to curb a public health problem is through prevention--in this case, the banning of all handguns from civilian hands.
wrote in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: "In 1963 [when the Limited Test Ban Treaty was signed] the reliability of measures for the verification of a treaty banning explosions larger than about 1 kiloton may have been arguable, but it no longer is.
In October 1999, Marin County Supervisors passed a law banning personal watercraft from the county's unincorporated waters.
Los Angeles City Council voted Friday to join Santa Monica in banning smoking on city beaches, creating a 13-mile-long smoke-free zone for swimmers and sunbathers.
DeMatteo's case is the first court ruling banning a parent's smoking in a case where the child is by all accounts healthy and has no allergic or health-related reactions to smoke.
There appears to be an intense media campaign to help Chairman Ann Brown achieve her goal of banning baby bath seats.
The problem with this line of reasoning is that banning tobacco advertising can be considered erring on the side of caution only if we attach little or no value to freedom of speech.
It's encouraging to see that the Parks Service is now willing to hear public comments and follow rulemaking procedures instead of arbitrarily banning all snowmobiles from the parks," said Ed Klim, president of International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association.