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forbidden by law


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Also in Bridgend, a pupil was banned for five days in 2012 for throwing a brick at the bus window from outside, while in Carmarthenshire, a pupil was banned for 10 days in 2011-12 for firing a BB gun at the driver, while another was banned for 10 days for pushing two pupils up against the rear window, which fell out.
Madhya Pradesh Government has banned eggs to school kids.
Ultimately the activity backfires and banned books take on more prominent and permanent lives.
The state of Massachusetts has banned a wide variety of materials from entering landfills, including white goods, CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors, curbside recyclables such as cans, bottles and paper, tires, batteries, yard debris and C&D material including concrete, asphalt pavement, bricks, wood and metals.
Nationwide, according to government data, murders committed with knives, clubs and hands are over 20 times more frequent than those committed with the formerly banned firearms.
Gall went on to note that the staff briefing package does not recommend a ban, and that her study of the record supports her thesis that the products should not be banned.
Among other things, the regulations prohibited promotional items such as hats, T-shirts, and lighters; forbade brand-name sponsorship of sporting events; banned outdoor advertising within 1,000 feet of a playground, elementary school, or high school; and imposed a tombstone format on all other outdoor signs, all indoor signs in locations accessible to minors, and all print ads except those in publications with a negligible audience under the age of 18.
To equalize the situation, Kenneth Glover of WR Lazard says corporate money should be banned too because, he contends, "If [contributions] are buying business on one side, they are buying business on the other.
We have banned smoking at all of our meetings and we do not accept advertisements from tobacco companies.
Legislators who go after them tend to pick out weapons that look scary, so the banned firearms are not necessarily any more dangerous than the ones that remain legal; in fact, they tend to be of intermediate caliber, so they are less powerful than many shotguns, hunting rifles, and handguns.