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forbidden by law


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Ultimately the activity backfires and banned books take on more prominent and permanent lives.
Banned, but later reinstated after community protest at the windsor Forest High School in Savannah, Ga.
Yes, it should be banned and the moneymen behind this evil trade jailed - J, Leadhills.
Included in the documentation rationalizing the ban, was the language, "because the material and the drink box cannot be recycled, it must be banned," so we chose recycling as the underpinning of the entire battle.
The distribution of handbills, pamphlets, wall chalking, affixing posters on walls and the use of sound systems has been banned for two more months to maintain peace and law and order in the capital.
The sale and consumption of thin, salty bread and low quality chips was also banned.
It was later clarified by Customs and Border Patrol that they would be treated on a case by case basis, depending on whether they possess a passport of a country that is not banned by the executive order.
After legislation was enacted, the percentage of smokers who banned smoking at home increased significantly in all countries, rising by 25 percent in Ireland, 17 percent in France, 38 percent in Germany and 28 percent in the Netherlands by the time of the second survey.
Smoking in parks will be banned, because they house many family areas, including children's playgrounds.
In the U.K., even Trevor Philips, head of the Commission for Racial Equality, has moved to back Jack Straw's remarks, expressing the view that the veil is "not a matter of public policy, it's a question of social etiquette and manners." And David Davis appears to agree, indicating that he would not however back a vote that formally banned veils.
In addition to continuing inspections at landfills, combustion facilities and transfer stations to ensure that they are rejecting material loads that contain materials banned from disposal, MassDEP has begun looking more closely at companies that generate and transport solid waste, the agency has announced.
The Department of Health also announced there would be a massive increase in the fines for failing to stop people smoking in banned areas in England to pounds 2,500 - more than 10 times the original proposal of a pounds 200 fine.
ITEM: Following the expiration of the federal assault weapons ban, contended the Associated Press on September 12, "manufacturers look for a boom in business as people buy up previously banned weapons like AK-47s, Uzis and TEC-9s...."
He confirmed an announcement would be made before Christmas as to the extent smoking will be banned.
The results contradict an Echo poll carried out earlier this month which found 70 per cent of 500 people surveyed would like to see smoking banned in public places.