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Synonyms for bankroll

to supply capital to or for

Synonyms for bankroll

a roll of currency notes (often taken as the resources of a person or business etc.)

provide with sufficient funds

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It's full color photocopied, so someone's bankrolling this or has access to a color copy machine.
Maskell says most potential customers they have approached are "fascinated" by the idea and some financial institutions have expressed interest in bankrolling the project.
Is he bankrolling dead-eyed unloved boys like the ones who murder children in cafes and buses and murdered my friend Tommy Crotty on the 102nd floor of the twin towers and left his wife weeping alone in their bed and his daughters unfathered and his grinning face a swirl of acrid dust on Liberty Street?
IRISH taxpayers have forked out EUR65 million in bankrolling hit movies and TV series over the past decade.
Famed financier George Soros is interested in bankrolling such an enterprise.
Bankrolling, if accepted as an established ethic, is a dangerous path on which to embark.
Of course, micromanaging a $2.8 billion budget pales in comparison with President Fernando de la Rua's task of supervising some $55 billion in resources, especially when the federal government is bankrolling 57% of the province's revenue through a tax-sharing agreement.
A major player in developing (and bankrolling) Nationet is its director, Chester Dorsey, who owns and has operated for over 20 years Chester Dorsey Auto Salons, with 13 locations throughout Washington and Oregon.
DAVE BASSETT reckons his old club Leicester are certs to reach Europe and hailed their Thai owners for bankrolling a shock title challenge.
"The Government should be bankrolling jobs, not bankrolling bankers." LDV has spelled out the urgent need for a Government-backed loan to stave off the threat of closure as would-be investors Mahindra and Mahindra sought talks with the Government over the vanmaker's future.
Yesterday Plaid called for a Speaker's Conference into the whole issue of party funding, linking its call to a complaint about the bankrolling of Welsh elections from England.
The ex-Brookside star is bankrolling a celebrity lifestyle with cash from models who hope he will give them their big break.
He is bankrolling his revolution from his Lithuanian interests, with three of the signings so far on loan deals.