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Synonyms for bankroll

to supply capital to or for

Synonyms for bankroll

a roll of currency notes (often taken as the resources of a person or business etc.)

provide with sufficient funds

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The KoreConX platform offers companies the tools to be fully compliant during a capital raise and to better communicate with investors, and BankRoll provides the link between companies and the desired investors.
The bean counter will find a game that she can beat, and will tend to do one of two things: either continue to stay in the game for months or even years on end, accumulating tiny slices of profit; or move up in stakes only when there is a mountain of money in the bankroll. was formed to develop an innovative protection/indemnity product for the online poker tournament player who is constantly looking for creative yet practical ways of managing and ultimately protecting their entry fees and "bankroll.”
When American (mis)leaders praise and encourage the Mexican government's efforts in the criminal "war on drugs," while privately believing they're practically worthless, that's the American people's business - at least as long as they are compelled to bankroll that evil crusade, which harms Mexicans and Americans.
You need to be able to suffer a few losing sessions, because they will happen, so good bankroll management is paramount.
The Texan billionaire, who has bankrolled West Indies cricket with millions of dollars in recent years, yesterday disbanded the Stanford Twenty20 Board and terminated the contracts of his legends, which include Sir Viv Richards, Curtly Ambrose and Courtney Walsh.
The company plans to bankroll improvements at its most complex plants by selling off its least desirable assets, said CEO Bill Klesse.
They will bankroll the stricken club with at least pounds 70,000 - allowing the rest of their fixtures to be fulfilled.
The bot from Edmonton defeated four other competing bots, including bots from Carnegie Mellon and Monash Universities as well as two privately designed bots to take first place in the Bankroll (0.3925 small bets per hand) and Series Competitions (3wins, 0 losses).
The Venezuelan leader wants to build an 8,000-kilometer, $20 billion natural gas pipeline from Venezuela to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, one Lula has dubbed the "great construction project of the next 50 years in South America." Fat with oil money, Chavez could bankroll much of the pipeline project that could eventually reach Chile, Bolivia and Colombia.
According to a Brazilian analyst quoted in a March 21, 2006 Bloomberg News service release, "A boom in lending and a tighter labor market are bankrolling consumption." And an impressive bankroll it is.
Now a student at UC San Diego, Ozguz is using his better-late-than-never winnings to bankroll an off-campus apartment.
Though Citizens Trust has enough cash available to entirely bankroll the $9.2 million purchase, it will probably finance half the purchase price as a trust preferred debt, according to CEO James E.
Perhaps the most peculiar case involves a Milwaukee micro-brewery that listed $1.5 million in unusual expenses last August: $35,000 to hire a polka band to play at the annual picnic and then $1.4 million to bankroll a public relations firm to rehabilitate the company's tarnished image in the wake of the band's appearance.