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a draft drawn by a bank against funds deposited in another bank

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Cheque fraud Never accept a cheque or banker's draft from someone you don't know or trust.
Lithuanian Deividas Vilkonis, 22, bought expensive cars using fake banker's drafts and a driving licence and utility bill with a false name.
In three months this year RAC Trackstar, the leading GPS stolen vehicle tracking system, saw a rise in fake banker's drafts being used when purchasing high value cars.
When he arrived at the property, the prosecution alleges, Landry gave his new partner three banker's drafts for a total of pounds 30,000, a bundle of cash, aswell as the keys to his car and several signed blank cheques.
Petravicius, 35, used the sting twice more, "buying" a BMW and a Merc with forged banker's drafts, but he is now starting a four-year jail sentence.
The correspondence has all the hallmarks of an "advanced payment" scam, which take advantage of oddities in the way cheques and banker's drafts are processed in this country and which has caught out some Record readers in the past.
Stan Reiz, for Bashier, said he was a credible, respectable, successful businessman and the only evidence against him was five banker's drafts said to be deposits for the properties.
The Olympic torch could burn Tibet down and they, and their political allies, would still be there waving their banker's drafts at the opening ceremony.
Yesterday he was jailed for six months which meant his immediate release after he pleaded guilty to four charges of having false banker's drafts and cheques in pounds and euros totalling pounds 69,298,280.