banker's draft

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a draft drawn by a bank against funds deposited in another bank

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Eric said: "It's a banker's draft so there's no way of knowing who donated it.
Should he accept a banker's draft? Or is cash better?
The vehicle was sold privately by an unsuspecting owner to a buyer with what appeared to be a genuine banker's draft that later turned out to be a fraud.
In court Harvey offered a banker's draft for pounds 5,000 for payment to Currys.
For the posing Italian, who has long 'pasta' deadline to return after being allowed to visit his ill son in Britain, had a banker's draft which guaranteed he'd return.
The firm immediately contacted Mr Sherwin, who expressed surprise that the cheque had bounced and arranged for a banker's draft to be issued.
He has now paid the full compensation by banker's draft, and PS705 towards costs, the court was told yesterday.
He said: "A gift voucher should be as good as a banker's draft. You should be guaranteed you'll either be able to redeem it or get your money back."
Within a few days he used pounds 25,000 of the cash to pay for a banker's draft which he held on to until July before paying it into his personal account.
He said: "Rather than keep 10% of my money and return the rest, they said I needed to make an extra payment for the cancellation fee before they'd give me the refund and that they wanted a banker's draft. That's when I got suspicious."
Posing as a wealthy merchant banker, Bint persuaded the salesman to stop for lunch as he prepared a banker's draft to pay for the car.
"When we opened it up and found a banker's draft for pounds 20,000 inside we literally couldn't believe what we were seeing."
The changes, known as 2-4-6, will apply to anyone who pays a cheque, banker's draft or building society cheque into a UK current account or basic bank account.
Baker was given time to get the money together to repay victims and the court was told a banker's draft had been drawn up for pounds 200,000 as the first payment.