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a record of deposits and withdrawals and interest held by depositors at certain banks


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I took a small bankbook from my pocket and handed it to him.
Amelia distrusted him on sight, and, when he came back carrying some of her knickknacks, asking if she had any life insurance and where she kept her bankbook, she felt a visceral certainty as to why Dawn never mentioned her parents.
Introduction to entities, functions, events, behaviours, and support technologies Aspects * Definition in software A brief incomplete engineering" example of 'banking' Entities Something fixed, immobile [Demand/deposit, savings, or static, if implemented mortgage] bank account; inside computers, could money; clients; bankbook, typically be represented etc.
I smiled in vain hope I could charm him to speed up and handed him my bankbook. He put it down on the counter and then disappeared.
"We want the customer to have more choices and yet not break their bankbook. Our pistols only range a few hundred dollars between all of the models.
Our interviews provide a reminder that poor families are not just wealthy families without a bankbook.
Yet when each of us was married, my mother turned over to each of us a bankbook with a goodly sum ...
The farmer, with belly and bankbook in mind, raises his prayer against what might seem most worthy of his worship.
Our interviews provide a reminder that poor families are not just wealthy families without a bankbook. Poor parents often have less information about school choice programs and school quality than do middle-class parents.
But it might also be for the public good were Congress to allow the enslavement of foreign captives and their descendants (this was tried), the seizure of Bill Gates's bankbook, or the ruthless suppression of Alec Baldwin.
As long as our public broadcasting system is donor-based, it will have to keep one eye on the listener's bankbook. So while I'm grateful to hear Lucinda Williams singing with the North Mississippi All Stars during my drive to work, I also can't pretend that this is anything other than public broadcasting's old elitism in a new stonewashed pair of jeans.
The reduction of product is quantifiable and shows up directly in the farmer's bankbook.
Be sure they keep their bankbook or monthly statements in a safe place, and that they deposit funds at least once a month to get in the habit.
SHIZUOKA, Japan - Police arrested a former Shizuoka Bank branch manager Wednesday on suspicion he stole a customer's money using her bankbook and cash card.
I think your attitude is more important than your personal status, more important than your education and more important than your bankbook. I think attitude is everything, and that's the way I live my life.