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a record of deposits and withdrawals and interest held by depositors at certain banks


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I was easy on you," he laughed and looked at the bankbook again.
Yet when each of us was married, my mother turned over to each of us a bankbook with a goodly sum .
As long as our public broadcasting system is donor-based, it will have to keep one eye on the listener's bankbook.
Be sure they keep their bankbook or monthly statements in a safe place, and that they deposit funds at least once a month to get in the habit.
SHIZUOKA, Japan - Police arrested a former Shizuoka Bank branch manager Wednesday on suspicion he stole a customer's money using her bankbook and cash card.
I think your attitude is more important than your personal status, more important than your education and more important than your bankbook.
Luna has learned that over the bankbook, as in the bedroom, she cannot tell Steven everything.
I have recently changed my old National Savings blue bankbook over to the new Easy Access Savings Account.
Two entered the house and one distracted the woman by making her turn on taps while the others searched the house and took about pounds 200, a bankbook and other documents.
A THIEF stole a nurse's bankbook and clothing and tried to get money by impersonating her at a bank in Kobe, Japan.
In recent months the amount of money in my apartment had been minuscule, and my bankbook made it clear that my savings were also minuscule.
Fined at home for publishing abroad without permission, he told me that he took his bankbook to a court that simply deducted the requisite sum.
I haven't read Jon's column yet, but I know what he is writing about and I'll bet my bankbook it includes the incendiary phrase "It's not rocket science".
With the amount of importing being done, you can buy flatware from anybody who has a bankbook.
The rancher learns that a simple bankbook trust can be set up to avoid gift tax.