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the withdrawal of money from your account at a bank

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But after a month-long war in southern Lebanon and as sporadic fighting continues in Gaza, a highly unpopular Olmert has put West Bank withdrawal on hold.
Tell prospects about credit card and direct bank withdrawal payment options.
Israel's president formally chose acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert yesterday to form Israel's next government, and Olmert said he'd quickly put together a coalition committed to carrying out his West Bank withdrawal plan.
Olmert's Kadima party won fewer parliamentary seats than it hoped for, up to two-thirds of the new Knesset will probably support a West Bank withdrawal.
But Abbas, and any other Palestinian leader, will not be satisfied with just Gaza, and will demand a clear linkage with the next step: a deep West Bank withdrawal and discussion of final status issues like Jerusalem and refugees, which Sharon has tried to avoid.
This last job was his third illegal bank withdrawal in the last five years.
Three he robbed the store, then, as TV and radio saturated Maui airwaves with his description, sped over to Kahalui to make another pistol-point bank withdrawal.
December 1 Protests begin over bank withdrawal limitations.
For a Bank withdrawal of two main courses, a side order of vegetables, two puds, drinks and coffee we paid in pounds 47 (including tip).
The office of Mr Barak, issued a frustrated statement accusing the Palestinians of inflexibility in rejecting his plan to wrap the final stage of West Bank withdrawal into permanent peace negotiations.
The 75-year-old Hastert served a 15-month sentence for violating federal bank withdrawal reporting requirements to hide hush-money payments related to sex abuse.
6 per cent withholding tax of bank withdrawal would affect the banking and economy of the country.
I understand why all this makes even some moderate Israeli military leaders more wary about any West Bank withdrawal.
Mohsin Aziz said, APTMA had asked the government to reduce withholding tax on bank withdrawal up to Rs.