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the withdrawal of money from your account at a bank

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This last job was his third illegal bank withdrawal in the last five years.
Three he robbed the store, then, as TV and radio saturated Maui airwaves with his description, sped over to Kahalui to make another pistol-point bank withdrawal.
For a Bank withdrawal of two main courses, a side order of vegetables, two puds, drinks and coffee we paid in pounds 47 (including tip).
The office of Mr Barak, issued a frustrated statement accusing the Palestinians of inflexibility in rejecting his plan to wrap the final stage of West Bank withdrawal into permanent peace negotiations.
They can begin with either a $250 contribution or a $25 a month automatic bank withdrawal.
I understand why all this makes even some moderate Israeli military leaders more wary about any West Bank withdrawal.
Also, he said reduction in withholding tax on bank withdrawal by enhancing minimum limit to Rs50000 from earlier Rs25000 will also be helpful to many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
To open an account, simply make an initial deposit of at least $250 or opt for a $25 monthly automatic bank withdrawal.
The last known movements of the 32-year-old, who suffers from manic depression, was a bank withdrawal he made at the end of January.
Officers were called in after the family of the OAP, whose home is worth pounds 450,000, noticed the large bank withdrawal.
Olmert said the West Bank withdrawal is vital to Israel's security and the cause of peace and cannot go forward without US support.
If Sharon fails to reconstitute his coalition, it could fall in a no-confidence vote, triggering a months-long process of campaigning and elections that would put everything else on hold - including the Gaza and West Bank withdrawal.
She sent the Scottish Legal Aid Board a bank withdrawal slip for pounds 4350, along with an explanation of what she had spent the cash on.
Eight months later, Israel will carry out second stage of the West Bank withdrawal.
Paisley Sheriff Court had heard earlier how Weir, an investment adviser with the TSB's Linwood branch, convinced Beck to fill out bank withdrawal slips in 1994.