bank swallow

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swallow of the northern hemisphere that nests in tunnels dug in clay or sand banks

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The breeding cycle in the bank swallow. Wilson Bulk, 67:235-286.
Figure 2 represents the openings of 116 nest tunnels in a colony of bank swallows (Riparia riparia L.), mapped from photographs of a portion of the face of Dunbar's gravel pit, Sundridge, Ontario, Canada, in 1976.
The six-acre area was fenced off primarily to protect bank swallows that return from South America each March to nest in the sand cliffs below.
But unions warned of thousands of jobs losses if the deal goes ahead and the bank swallows up NatWest's massive network of English branches .
Every year, a colony of bank swallows returns to nest in cliffs along the north shore of Lake Ontario, not far from Bacon's home.
Then, in perfect anticlimax, a gunmetal aura blanketed my little camp as zillions of bank swallows careened into darkness.
Bank beaver litter the shore with sticks; bank swallows line their clay burrows with straw.