bank shot

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a basketball shot that bounces off of the backboard before passing through the hoop

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Bank Shot has become the preferred mobile app available for iPhone and Android, and due to its speed and functionality, it enables users to seamlessly process real estate transactions such as earnest money deposits, rental house deposits and real estate commissions.
If not for Chris McCullough's response on the next possession, Bolick's bank shot would've sent shockwaves around the league.
Cleveland went on to win 105-103 when LeBron James sank a bank shot at the buzzer, giving the Cavaliers a 3-0 lead in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference semifinal series.
The protests come after Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank shot dead a Palestinian man claiming his involvement in the gunning down of a rabbi last month.
West Walker were pushing all the way as the game flowed from one end to the other, but it was Welbeck who tied up the game as they hit the bank shot to make it 2-2.
In December, an employee of China's central bank shot and killed two colleagues at the branch he was working at in the northeastern province of Liaoning.
Hayden Martinez added 15 points for Junction City (3-3), which led by three points late in regulation before Yamhill-Carlton made a 30-foot bank shot to force overtime.
His bank shot off the boards found Torrey Mitchell on a two-on-one break with Ennis, who finished the chance with a hard wrister.
HANI HAZAIMEHEarlier this week, Israeli soldiers at Allenby crossing between Jordan and occupied West Bank shot dead a Jordanian citizen, a first instance court judge, in cold blood alleging that he tried to grab a soldier's gun.
To determine where on the V a bank shot should hit to have the greatest chance of going in, a shooter imagines a vertical line behind the backboard.
Having never been in a pit with a flaming muskrat before, he had no idea what to do next After several more laps around the pit, the rat bounded off the bench, did a bank shot off Kenny's chest, cleared the pit wall and leapt sizzling into the water.
SOUTH Bank shot to the top of Division One with a win over Park End, who had led the league before kick-off.
Quarry Bank shot Flames down in an 11-3 roasting and Business School beat Civserv 5-1.
The Milky WayAAEs magnetic field is in effect reflecting them back in a kind of cosmic bank shot.If the explanation holds up, IBEXAAEs ribbon represents the first crude measurement of the local portion of the galaxyAAEs magnetic field, says Jacob Heerikhuisen, a space physicist at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, who led the team.AoThatAAEs the most exciting thing for us,Ao he says.Researchers are trying to understand the boundary region between the solar system and interstellar space because that boundary shields the solar system from some 90 percent of the high-energy cosmic rays bombarding it, explains Nathan Schwadron, a space physicist at Boston University and member of the team reporting the results in the Jan.