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a robber of banks

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BRASILIA: At least 12 people were killed on Friday, including six policemen, in an early morning shootout between police and bank robbers in a small town in northeastern Brazil, the state governor's office said.
The criticism surfaced Monday after Johnson published an article in the Daily Telegraph describing Muslim women wearing burqa as "letter boxes" and "bank robbers", presstv reported.
The brother also said that their father was bank robber Benjamin Hoskins Paddock who was on the FBI's ten most wanted list until 1977.
We got an arrest and search warrant and he (the alleged bank robber) was arrested at the King Fahad Causeway as he attempted to flee.
SIR - Most people's popular perception of a bank robber is a handkerchief masked individual running to a getaway car whilst clutching a bag of "swag" and firing a revolver in the air.
Midway working on his second screenplay, "The Gentleman Bandit," about bank robber Willie Sutton, Rich felt compelled to try his hand at producing his documentary film about Sutton.
Eugene police said the bank robber on Friday was seen traveling in a dark green Chrysler van that may have had a broken rear window.
THURSDAY PUBLIC ENEMIES ITV4 9PM In the early days of the FBI, the agency attempts to track down the notorious bank robber John Dillinger, but realise that to catch him they may have to use underhand tactics.
The reward program is Arkansas' first statewide bank robber reward program since the 1930s or '40s, said Bill Holmes, president and CEO of the Arkansas Bankers Association.
A work of historical fiction, the book aims to fill the gaps in the life of bank robber Willie "The Actor" Sutton.
DAKOTA INCIDENT CH4, 1.20PM Bank robber John Banner decides to go straight.
Dane Batty (author); WANTED: GENTLEMAN BANK ROBBER; Nish Publishing Company (True Crime) $15.95 ISBN: 9780615268453
Within a few minutes, the bank robber, who usually isn't armed, (armed robbery carries a much stiffer sentence) walks out with about $2,500, and only then is it when most witnesses realize it occurred at all.
"Wanted: Gentleman Bank Robber, The True Story of Leslie Ibsen Rogge, One of the FBI's Most Elusive Criminals" is the story of Rogge, a man who by much speculation has knocked over more banks than many famed outlaws put together.